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Heating and Air Conditioning Buying Guide

Typically a buying guide focuses predominantly on budget vs. the various prices of comparable products. However, when it comes to HVAC systems, especially for Carrier® dealers, variety isn’t the focus. Rather, our focus as a Carrier® Factory Authorized dealer is to get to know the space that we need to heat & cool and finding the system with the right size and performance to efficiently and effectively heat & cool your home.

When buying a new HVAC product, you’ll want to have these 3 focuses:


This is no small purchase. You’ll want a product that will heat/cool your home for a long time. Carrier® is THE standard for quality HVAC products and as a Carrier® Factory Authorized dealer, Advent provides the best products and services in the industry.


Improper sizing can leave you and your family uncomfortable in your own home and dumping money down the drain with increased energy costs.


Not only will a more modern system be built with better technology and higher standards but choosing the modern system that has a better SEER or AFUE rating should also be on your mind. While more efficient systems will likely cost more upfront, it will pay dividends down the line with energy savings and notable tax breaks.

The greatest help you can get when purchasing a new heating or cooling unit is a reliable quote from a trusted HVAC team. Advent has won multiple awards for its ethical business practices. This means that when one of our Dallas HVAC technicians comes out to your house, you can trust that you are getting an honest and informed quote on the system that will best suit your needs.

Dealer Promotions

Each year and each season we aim to provide regular savings opportunities to reward our customers. Regularly stop by our promotions page to see which services or products you may be able to achieve serious savings on.

HVAC Tips and Tricks

Between optimizing your home’s energy efficiency to properly maintaining your HVAC system, Advent provides invaluable HVAC tips for the Dallas DIYers. If it’s past business hours, utilize these tips and other available resources to help answer your home HVAC questions.

HVAC Term Glossary

Find yourself wondering what certain terms mean or what exactly a service or product is? Use our HVAC term glossary as a resource to answer these important questions so you can better understand what you’re getting out of your local HVAC contractor.


We have two equally empowering financing options for our Dallas HVAC clients for our new quality Carrier products, with approved credit. Financing allows our customers the ability to buy the equipment they need today while paying over time. By financing a new system, our Dallas-Fort Worth HVAC customers are able to get a quality system that will last for years, while providing cost-effective relief from the elements.

“It’s not what you know, but what you're willing to learn that makes a difference. Learning is a lifelong journey.”

Mike Douglas, President, Advent Air Conditioning, Inc.

Need more HVAC advice or energy saving tips? Contact one of our friendly and knowledgeable HVAC specialists.