Indoor Air Quality Products & Services in Dallas / Ft. Worth

The air you breathe has a direct effect on your health. Poor air quality could result in an allergy attack or respiratory illnesses – while those that breathe pure air are more alert and have longer lifespans.

Contaminants such as gases, pollen, dander, mold, germs, or even airborne viruses can be flowing through your air conditioning or heating systems and you wouldn’t even know it until you started feeling ill. We at Advent Air Conditioning, Inc. offer a variety of air cleaning products to our Dallas customers.  We strive to provide the best air purifiers to keep allergies at bay, air cleaners to eliminate contaminants, and air scrubbers to clean every surface of your home.

Is my home’s indoor air quality important?

Families do more in homes than ever before. We use a variety of chemicals in everyday life: from hair care to cleaning products. Our daily activities include things like sweating in our home gym, cooking and baking food for our family, and then burning candles to mask the smell. Not to mention what we bring into our home: whether it’s dirt on your pet’s paws, germs from recent air travel, or the latest virus going around at daycare. All of these items produce airborne contaminants. And even though you can’t see them,  they don’t disappear. Many of these pollutants are floating as molecules in your home’s air.

The natural way to reduce these pollutants is to open windows and doors, allowing fresh air to replace the stagnant indoor air in your home. This provides new challenges, though: with open windows your home may become too hot, too cold, or welcome in pests. In short – opening your windows and doors can significantly reduce your comfort.

Luckily, there are air cleansing devices available that can improve your home’s air quality without sacrificing comfort.