Ductless Cooling & Heating – Dallas / Ft. Worth

One of the more recent advances in the HVAC industry is the addition of ductless heating and air conditioning units. These all-in-one systems have the ability to provide quality relief from the weather, without the need for bulky ductwork. There are three major benefits that this new technology offers both residential and commercial HVAC customers in Dallas/Fort Worth.

  1. Easy zoning – With the system mounted on the room or level of the building in which it’s meant to heat or cool, it enables occupants to choose different temperatures as they wish than other areas with their own ductless system.
  2. More direct delivery method – Even well placed and tightly sealed ductwork still creates an opportunity for the loss of energy. Simply traveling through the ductwork, rather than being sent directly to its source, affects the temperature of the air your system creates.
  3. Perfect for small spaces – Not only can ductwork be expensive to install, but for single story homes or other small buildings, they can take up valuable square footage. Ductless systems avoid the logistics of creating space for bulky ductwork without compromising on the quality of the building’s indoor air.
ductless heating and cooling system