VRF HVAC Systems for Dallas-Fort Worth Commercial Buildings

What is a VRF System? VRF stands for Variable Refrigerant Flow and is an HVAC system that offers a solution that is efficient, compact, and provides superior comfort that is often difficult to achieve in commercial buildings. VRF systems are heat pump systems, which means it can heat and cool your building with the same equipment – no furnace necessary. Some kinds of VRF systems, called Heat Recovery VRF systems, can heat and cool your spaces at the time and save energy while doing it.  

Similar to residential ductless systems, VRF uses refrigerant as the heat transfer medium to deliver heating and cooling to each zone. Refrigerant is contained in small, insulated piping that connects the indoor and outdoor components of the VRF system. Using refrigerant to heat and cool your Dallas-Fort Worth commercial building is more efficient and requires less space than using conditioned air delivered through ductwork.