Heat Not Working

Why won’t my heat come on?

Why won’t my heat come on? This is one of the most common questions that we get here at Advent Air Conditioning during the winter season. There are many different reasons why your furnace or heating system may not be working properly this time of year. And though it’s best to have an experienced HVAC technician diagnose and fix your system, it’s also helpful to know what the problem might be before you pick up the phone to call us.

Here are just a few common furnace issues that may be to blame for why your heat won’t turn on:

1. Your HVAC system hasn’t been properly maintained.

One of the biggest issues that we see with heating service calls during the winter is that the homeowner has not been taking the appropriate steps to maintain their heating system. If you didn’t schedule a spring HVAC maintenance visit, then this may be the reason for your heating issues.

A dirty blower motor can lead to equipment failure because when the motor is dirty, the heat exchanger doesn’t get enough moving air, causing it to malfunction. Similarly, dirty air filters will restrict the airflow in your system, amplifying any issues you may have and impacting the quality of your indoor air. This is why it’s so important to keep up with your HVAC maintenance schedule to keep the equipment clean and working properly.

2. Your heat pump’s starting components aren’t working.

If you’re using a heat pump to keep your home warm, and it just isn’t working, you may be experiencing issues with the starting components. There are a number of reasons why these components might fail. But when the starting components malfunction, they prevent your equipment from working properly.

3. The ductwork design or installation was done incorrectly.

Sometimes your heating system equipment isn’t to blame for your heating issues but rather your ductwork. Adequate ductwork design and installation are complex, and if your HVAC contractor or home builder tried to cut corners when sizing or installing your ductwork, then you may find that it’s difficult (or sometimes nearly impossible) to keep your home comfortable.

The solution to this issue is to redesign your ductwork for proper airflow. Though this can be a major undertaking, depending on your personal circumstances, it is often the only way that some homeowners can finally achieve a comfortable home temperature year-round.

4. The thermostat isn’t working.

If your thermostat isn’t working properly, you’ll find that it may be difficult to get your home to a comfortable temperature. If your thermostat doesn’t register the correct temperature then it doesn’t matter how much you crank the heat up – your home just will not get warm. If you think your thermostat may be to blame, it could be a simple fix or you may need to replace the device if it’s older.


Are you experiencing issues with your heating system? Since it could be a range of issues causing your heating troubles, it’s best to call in the professionals to diagnose and fix your system. That way, you can start enjoying a comfortable home climate in no time.

If you need furnace repair services in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, look no further than Advent Air Conditioning. Our trained and experienced HVAC technicians will examine your system and find the cause of your heating troubles while providing expert repair. Contact us today to schedule your service.

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