What Is the Best Type of Thermostat for Your Home?

Thermostats are vital in keeping your HVAC system on their peak performance. They allow you to set your preferred indoor temperature, and when used responsibly, they can help you save on energy bills. With the wide selection of thermostats on the market, however, choosing the right one for your needs can be difficult.

Types of Thermostats for Your Heating and Air Conditioning Systems

Each type of thermostat for your heating and air conditioning system has their own unique way of fulfilling your expectations, so pay attention to their distinctions. Here’s a closer look:

  • Non-Programmable. Most non-programmable thermostats come with an LED display on the panel as well as buttons for temperature settings and a power switch that moves your system from heating to cooling. If you don’t mind pressing buttons and waiting for your home to cool down or heat up, then consider this option.

  • Programmable. If you want your indoor temperature adjusted according to pre-set times, then programmable thermostats are your best bet. Create your own settings for the morning and evening, and even for different days throughout the week. This makes it more practical if you have erratic schedules as this allows you to manage your HVAC system more efficiently.

  • Touch Screen. Many touch screen thermostats tend to be more user-friendly than others because everything you need can be easily accessed from the main panel. They eliminate the need to flick through your manual to learn what to do. They also minimize the chance of pressing the wrong buttons and messing up your options. For your convenience, choose a unit with large icons and simple interfaces.

  • Wireless. Although wireless thermostats have a steep price tag, they are more likely to reduce your utility bills down the road. They give you total control over your home’s temperatures even when you’re away. You can meddle with their pre-set values in case something unexpected happens, like coming home earlier than you should.

As always when choosing a new home addition, consider your budget, lifestyle, and the type of heating and air conditioning system you have. A surefire way to help you make smart decisions is working with a reputable HVAC contractor.

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