What Are Some of the Top Energy Zapping Habits in the Winter?

What are some of the top energy zapping HVAC habits in the winter?

It’s not exactly a news flash that energy costs can spike when the temperature drops. But you might be surprised at some of the things that can do a number – a number on what you spend that is – heating your home during the frigid months of winter. Here are some of the top energy zapping HVAC habits in the winter:

Heating the House When No One is Home 

If you don’t have a programable thermostat, you’ll have to remember to adjust the temperature every time you leave the house. And if you don’t, all that lovely heat is just keeping your furniture warm and your energy costs high. A programable thermostat can be set to lower temps when you’re not home and programmed to warm things up about 30 minutes before you arrive

Neglecting to Schedule Preventive Maintenance 

Keeping the interior of your home comfortable in the winter doesn’t have to break the bank. But don’t skip routine maintenance of your HVAC system either. Getting your system tuned up before the frigid temperatures arrive can help ensure your system runs smoothly all winter long.

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Ignoring Air Leaks 

Air leaks around doors and windows allow outdoor air to enter. This forces your HVAC system to work overtime to keep your home comfortable, and this results in you paying more in your energy bills.  Make sure your home is well insulated for energy savings. 

Space Heaters 

If you’ve got an electric space heater in every room of your home because it just never seems warm enough, consider that each one has a per-kilowatt-hour cost. That means if you’re running several a day, you’re likely adding several dollars per day, per heater to your electric bill.

Ceiling Fan Blades 

Pulling the warm air up in the summer is great but if you don’t switch your ceiling fan blade rotation in the winter, it can’t push all that nice warm heat that rises, back down to you.

Old-School Light Bulbs 

This may not have anything to do with winter per say, but if you’re still using incandescent bulbs to the tune of around 75% more energy, now is the time to switch to LED for energy savings.

To schedule your HVAC service or repair, contact the professionals at Advent Air. We’re committed to the quality of the air you and your family breathe each and every day, and can assist you with the top energy zapping HVAC habits in the winter.