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10 Spring DIY Projects You Can Tackle This Weekend

Home improvement projects can be exciting and reimagine your space. Completing a project is fulfilling and can even improve your home’s resale value. However, committing to a DIY home improvement project can be challenging with a full load of responsibilities.

At Advent Air, we understand the importance of personalizing your space to create an inviting and comfortable home. As Lewisville’s premier HVAC company, we are all about home comfort. We also know how hectic life can be. This is why we’ve put together a list of spring DIY projects that you can complete in just a few days.

1. DIY Drawer charging station

Control the clutter and stay charged with this multi-purpose drawer charging station. Our whole lives are practically connected to our phones and our homes could always use an extra little bit of tidying. Follow the above link for instructions on creating a convenient charging station this weekend.

2. No-sew grommet curtains

Curtains can not only transform a room visually, but they can also help control the temperature of a home. Closing curtains in the peak heat season will reduce the work placed on your A/C. The best part about this DIY project, is that it is no-sew! Even if you aren’t the craftiest, give this one a go and you might surprise yourself!

3. Thermostat frame

Older, manual thermostats can be an eyesore inside your home. Unfortunately, covering up a thermostat isn’t a wise solution for improving your home’s aesthetic. This is because a thermostat should not be obstructed so that it can get a proper reading of your home’s temperature at all times.

One hack for beautifying your walls is to frame out your thermostat with a picture frame. Another option is to upgrade to a more sleek smart thermostat.

4. Drying rack from a repurposed ladder

Control the humidity in your home by properly drying your clothes and used towels after showers. This easy to do DIY project can be very inexpensive, if not free if you have the right materials laying around your home.

With an old, unused ladder, you can create a useful and attractive drying rack to add to your laundry room.

5. Outdoor pizza oven

Want to be able to enjoy pizza this spring and summer without heating up the whole house? An outdoor pizza can keep the heat out of your home, saving you money on energy costs through less oven use and less A/C use.

The best part about this DIY project is that it gives you delicious brick oven pizza, right in your backyard!

6. Backyard umbrella

Give your A/C a break this summer by staying cool outside. A backyard umbrella is the perfect addition to your backyard barbecues. Whether you’re just sipping sweet tea and watching the sunset with your family, or you’re hanging out with friends and neighbors, a backyard umbrella will help keep you safe and cool from the blistering Texas summer sun.

7. Succulent planter made from a cedar pallet

Succulents are stunning and don’t require a green thumb to take care of. With little watering and maintenance, homeowners can add some green to their backyard. As an added bonus, if you bring the succulents inside, you can also improve the air quality within your home!

8. New ceiling fan

Upgrade a home’s comfort and aesthetic with a new ceiling fan. Ceiling fans can create an impactful visual, but of course are primarily utilized to control the temperature within a room. Used properly, homeowners can even increase the thermostat settings, which can save hundreds over the course of a year!

9. Put dimmers on your lights

A quick way to impact your home’s lighting and energy efficiency is to upgrade your lights to dimmers. Dimmers provide the ultimate control in terms of visual comfort, while also allowing homeowners to choose more efficient lighting habits whether they are home or away. Smart dimmers can be installed in a weekend and allow for anyone with a smartphone to turn off that light they forgot about or switch up lights while on vacation to dissuade burglars.

10. Upgrade an appliance

This may be a little more of a hands off project, but upgrading an appliance can be a smart investment and should involve a good deal of research. Take some time to take measurements, look in to top brands and consider what your budget is to acquire a new, energy efficient appliance.

If you are interested in a significant boost to your home’s energy consumption, consider upgrading your home’s HVAC system. Advent carries the highest quality Carrier products and has helpful experts that can provide reliable quotes and guidance. Give us a call @ (469) 240-5456.