Holiday Energy Savings

All I Want for Christmas is Energy Savings: Tips for Saving Money This Holiday Season

Between hosting guests, decorating the house, and trying to keep your home warm, the holiday season is a time of high energy usage. It is easy to forget about saving energy when you’re running errands, purchasing gifts, and preparing for all the festivities. However, there are many simple steps that you can take to save energy this holiday season and decrease your monthly bill.

Energy-Saving Tips for the Holidays

If you want to cut energy costs this holiday season, use these simple tips for increasing your energy efficiency:

  1. Invest in LED holiday lights.

Holiday lights can be a real energy-eater during the holiday season. One way to cut down on energy costs is by investing in LED holiday lights. Using LED lights instead of traditional lights will not only help you save energy, but also allow you to create a safer environment during the holidays. Whereas 90% of the energy used by traditional holiday lights is released as heat, LED lights are more efficient and long-lasting. They also do not give off heat, which reduces the heating risks.

  1. Cook and bake more efficiently.

Cooking is another aspect of the holiday season that can cause your electricity costs to skyrocket. With a little planning and attention, you can save energy while cooking and baking during the holidays. Avoid taking the lids off of pots or opening the oven to take a peek as this can increase cook time and release heat into the air, causing your HVAC system to work harder to keep your home comfortable. Also, try making several dishes at the same time. This allows you to make the most of your oven space and heat time.

  1. Purchase energy-efficient gifts.

Another way to cut down on energy usage is to make a pledge to buy gifts that don’t require electricity or batteries. Instead, use your time and skills to create thoughtful, do-it-yourself gifts for friends and family. If you are planning on purchasing electronics or other gifts that run on batteries or electricity, purchase more energy-efficient gifts. Consider Energy Star qualified electronics and appliances, and purchase rechargeable batteries for any gifts that may require them to function.

  1. Reduce the number of trips you take.

The holiday season is a busy time full of trips out of the house. Whether you are running quick errands, shopping for gifts, or picking up traveling guests, you will often find yourself running back and forth to various locations. One way to save fuel is by combining errands to reduce the number of trips you need to take. For instance, you might stop by the grocery store on your way home for work or take a trip to the mall for shopping before you pick your relatives or friends up from the airport.

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