Tips for Preparing Your HVAC System During Stormy Weather

Tips for Preparing Your HVAC System During Stormy Weather

Stormy weather can bring a whole lot more than the need for an umbrella. Severe storms like these can not only lead to power outages, the gusty winds and lightning can do a number on your HVAC system. To minimize damage to your system and keep things cool, check out these tips for preparing your HVAC system before a storm hits your neighborhood.

Protect your unit from flying debris

Thanks to pretty good weather forecasting technology, most people get a heads up before a really bad storm hits. If you’re facing the possibility of high winds, make sure you secure any items around your unit that could become projectiles and damage it.

Get a surge protector

Lightning strikes can create electrical surges that can damage your entire system. Be sure to have a good surge protector in place to avoid that zap of electricitythat can damage your HVAC system.

Get an HVAC inspection

Head off any issues before stormseason hits by getting your HVAC system inspected. Keeping up with regular inspections and maintenance can not only help you weather storm season in comfort, it can help you avoid costly repairs down the road.

If you’d like to learn more about weather-proofing your HVAC system or need to schedule routine maintenance, contact the professionals at Advent Air. Rain or shine – our goal is to be there when you need us.