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The Inner Workings of a Central Air Conditioner

Central air conditioners provide great cooling power to homes, making them ideal in heat-prone areas. They combine two different coils to keep your home free from the summer heat. Here’s a look at how they cool your home and what you can do to keep them in prime condition.

What You Need to Know About Cooling your Home

A central AC cools the entire home, versus a window AC that cools a specific area or room of your home. The cooling compressor is set outside the home separate from the fan unit. The fan unit blows cool air into the home through heating and cooling ducts in the entire home. The outside unit, on the other hand, houses a compressor, condensing coil, condenser fan, and controls.

A grill prevents any accidental contact with the fan blade. Two refrigerant lines run from the compressor into the home to the evaporator coil. The compressor pumps refrigerant through the evaporator coil. It cools the air that the furnace fan blows through the coil. The evaporator coil absorbs the heat from the air. The refrigerant flows back to the condenser coil and releases the absorbed heat. At this point, the refrigerant returns to liquid form as it cools down and the cycle of refrigerant flow continues.

What You Need to Know About HVAC Maintenance

To keep the central AC working, regular maintenance is an absolute necessity. Replace filters with regularity, oil the fan motor, and keep the parts clean and free of debris.

To oil the motor, turn the power off to the system and remove the fan cage, which holds the fan motor in place. The oil ports are set on the top of the motor, below the fan blade of the motor. Remove the oil plugs that protect the motor from debris. Oil each port with three drops of all-purpose, three-in-one oil. Spin the fan blade by hand to disperse the oil within the fan. Now, replace the oil plugs and wipe any excess oil that might have spilled. Repeat this process each season to ensure lubrication for your fan motor.

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