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The Anatomy of an Energy-Efficient Home

A high energy efficiency rating is one of the foremost goals of a responsible homeowner. To achieve this, however, homeowners need to have a firm grasp of what home components and installations they need to invest in. Everything from window installations to lighting and air conditioning systems must be given ample thought.

Anatomy Energy-Efficient Home

To help homeowners rack up the savings, here’s an in-depth look at the ways you can save:

Abundance of Natural Lighting

Natural lighting is a key ingredient of energy-efficient homes. Be it sunrooms or large windows that feature energy-efficient glass, the more sources of natural light there is, the more energy you can save. In addition, your choice of artificial lighting can contribute to additional energy consumption. Whenever possible, choose energy efficient bulbs, such as LEDs or CFLs over incandescent bulbs.

The ENERGY STAR® Seal of Approval

A homeowner’s choice of electronics equipment and appliances does matter. A fridge with an ENERGY STAR rating, for instance, runs about nine to ten percent more efficiently than a non-ENERGY STAR variant. If you add up all these seemingly minor numbers, they’ll amount to significant savings down the line. Do an audit of your home and try to determine which areas you can improve upon to boost your home’s overall energy efficiency.

Efficient and Optimized Heating and Cooling System

Most homeowners do not realize the importance of optimizing the use of their air conditioning systems. Most of the time, cool or warm air ends up wasted as it goes into rooms that aren’t in use at all. To negate this, you can use programmable thermostats to achieve better efficiency and optimization.

There are dozens of simple things you can augment in your day to day life to boost energy efficiency. While some may seem trivial, these little things do add up over the course of the year. You’ll be surprised at the savings on energy costs when you do an annual energy audit.

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