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Technological Changes To HVAC Systems: Is It Time To Replace Your Old AC?

If you are thinking of replacing your old HVAC system with a new one, then this is the right time to do it. This is mainly because modern systems have undergone extensive technological changes, designed to improve efficiency. Before you buy any new AC system, it is important that you first understand your options and how they can benefit you. This article highlights some of the most recent improvements made to HVAC units.

Energy Consumption

One of the areas that have seen changes in HVAC systems is electricity consumption. Up until recently, HVAC systems would consume up to 6,000 watts worth of electricity every hour. This meant that you had no other option but to pay high electric bills from regular use of HVAC units. However, things have changed and there have been advancements in the way these devices are manufactured. A modern AC unit will consume as low as 1,710 watts per hour, significantly lowering energy consumption.

Environmental Effects

New HVAC systems make use of R710A refrigerant which does not use chlorine when cooling your home. Study shows that chlorine has harmful effects to the ozone layer, which in return affects the environment in different ways. Switching to a new HVAC system ensures you play your role in protecting the environment from depletion.

Diagnostic Software Tools

The importance of performing maintenance services to any modern unit cannot be overstated. With regular maintenance, your unit is able to perform in optimal condition, saving you money on repairs and keeping your home or office comfortable. New HVAC units make the task of maintaining the system easy. With the diagnostic software tools installed on new HVAC systems provides you with information on all the components in your unit. This way, you will be able to perform maintenance whenever it is necessary.

There are many more technological changes made to new HVAC models and all of them aim at improving your experience with air conditioning units. If you are planning to buy a new system and are lost for choice, call us and we will be able to assist you make an informed decision as far as heating and cooling technology is concerned.

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