Advent Carrier Presidents Award

Advent Air Conditioning Awarded 2018 Carrier President’s Award

Advent Air Conditioning Awarded 2018 Carrier President’s AwardWe are proud to announce that Advent Air Conditioning, Inc. has been awarded the Carrier President’s Award for 2018. With the Carrier President’s Award, the leader in HVAC recognizes Carrier dealers who stand out amongst their peers by exemplifying leadership and management, customer satisfaction, expertise, business growth, and operational excellence.

Advent Air Conditioning is honored to receive this award, which wouldn’t be possible without the hard work and dedication from the entire team. We are committed to our core values – quality, honesty, integrity – and will continue to work to set an example for others in our industry.

Advent Leads the Way in HVAC

With the Carrier President’s Award, Carrier has recognized Advent Air Conditioning Inc.’s commitment to excellence and leading the way in all things HVAC. As ambassadors of the Carrier brand, Advent is a Factory Authorized Dealer that works to serve not just its customers and the HVAC industry, but also the community as a whole.

Advent Air Conditioning was founded on the three core values of quality, honesty, and integrity. These principles still guide our company in everything we do. Our team is dedicated to providing quality products and services with complete transparency and honesty. We don’t cut corners. We do what is best for the customer every time, even if it isn’t what’s best for our bottom line.

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Advent Earns BBB Ethics Award

Advent Air Earns Better Business Bureau’s Torch Award for Ethics

Advent Air Conditioning, Inc. is proud to announce that they have earned the 2017 Better Business Bureau’s Torch Award for Ethics. According to the BBB, this program honors companies that demonstrate “best practices, leadership, social responsibility, and high standards of organizational ethics that benefit their customers, employees, suppliers, shareholders, and communities.” Below, we’ll provide a little more information on what this award means in the HVAC industry and how Advent works to fulfill its dedication to core ethical principles each day.

Ethics in the HVAC Industry

Mike Douglas, founder of Advent Air Conditioning, was recently interviewed by Jim Dutton of the Texas Home Improvement radio show about this award and what it means for the industry. Dutton starts the interview by bringing attention to the fact that it is difficult to be recognized for ethics in an industry that has a reputation for dishonest contractors.

“Unfortunately, we are in an industry that does have a bad reputation. And unfortunately, in a lot of cases, rightfully so… there are people doing air conditioning replacements without getting permits, without being licensed, bonded, or insured. Even if the job does get done and people think they’re saving money, the design, installation, and start-up ends up being a nightmare for everybody,” says Douglas.

He continues, “And it does give our industry a bad name, but the reality is there’s a lot of companies that do the right thing – they are licensed, bonded, insured and do the engineering and training – but we are in an industry where what gets publicized in the news is not the people doing the right thing and trying to service customers properly. It’s the ones that are out there being deceitful and ripping people off [that make the news].”

Douglas then urges homeowners to do their research on a contractor before they sign any paperwork or hand over their credit card. It’s important that homeowners work with contractors, HVAC or otherwise, that are ethical in their practices and work to provide honest and quality service to their customers.

Here is the interview in full where you can hear what Mike has to say about Advent winning the award and what it means to be ethical in the HVAC industry:

Advent Air Conditioning’s Focus on Ethical Practices

The entire Advent team is proud of all the work they have been doing to uphold high ethical standards since they first opened their doors in 1981. Operating under their three core principles of Quality, Honesty, and Integrity, the Advent Air Conditioning team focuses on providing quality products and services to their customers. Not only do they pride themselves on offering the highest quality HVAC equipment on the market today, but they also provide customers with an honest assessment of their HVAC needs and friendly service from NATE-certified technicians.

Advent Air Conditioning earning this important ethics award from the Better Business Bureau is a testament to how the HVAC company continues to set themselves apart from other contractors in the industry by doing the right thing and taking excellent care of their customers.

For more information about Advent Air or their winning of this BBB Ethics award, contact the company here.