How to Keep your HVAC Running Smoothly This Season

Spring HVAC Maintenance For DFW Homes

It’s time for Spring Cleaning and our experts here at Advent want you to add your HVAC to your tidying list. Since air conditioning is so important to a comfortable home during our hot Dallas/Fort Worth summers, Spring is a great time to do a quick check on your HVAC system. Here are some Spring HVAC maintenance tips to get your A/C ready for summer.

Replace Your Filters

Your air filter is what traps the airborne dust in your home. Replacing your dirty filter will not greatly improve your indoor air quality, which is extra important as a part to maintain your HVAC in Spring. Air filters are available in many sizes, so before your buy a replacement make sure you have the correct dimensions that your air handler requires.

You can have your air filters shipped to your front door by ordering them from an online air conditioning supply store. And since air filters should be replaced at least every three months, we offer a subscription service so that your air filters are shipped to you automatically on a regular basis.

An important tip: if you plan to do a deep dusting of your home during the Spring, replace your HVAC air filter after your cleaning is complete. This way, your new air vent won’t become dirty and clogged immediately after install.

Clean Your Air Vents

Air vents help direct conditioned air into your spaces, but their shape can cause buildup of dust and grime which isn’t a pretty sight to see. A vacuum cleaner with an extender rod can be used to suck up any visible dust on your HVAC components.

If you can reach your vents, you can use an old rag with warm, soapy water to wipe away any residue on the vents. For an even deeper Spring clean of your AC vents, remove them from the wall or ceiling using a screwdriver. Then, use a broom to brush away any extra dust from the vents.

Schedule a Professional Tune Up

The best thing you can do for HVAC maintenance in Spring to prepare your Hsystem for Summer is to have a professional swing by for a tune-up. Air conditioners contain moving components that require regular spot checks and lubrication to ensure the best performance. A professional can also help you identify and replace any parts that may be breaking down – helping you avoid a costly and uncomfortable emergency visit during the summer.

Advent offers Spring preventative maintenance for HVAC systems, helping you prolong the life of your air conditioner. With this tune-up, your AC will be ready to take on the full force of the Dallas summer.

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