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Saving Money, Protecting The Environment With Your Air Conditioner

A vast majority of homes in the United States stay comfortably cool during the summertime months with because of air conditioning units, particularly central air conditioning systems, according to the U.S. Department of Energy. The Energy Department advises consumers that a variety of tactics should be employed to optimize comfort during the hotter months of the year, to save money and to lessen a negative impact on the environment.

Program Thermostat for Multiple Benefits

A key step a consumer should consider when it comes to an air conditioning system is taking advantage of the ability to program thermostat. Most never air conditioning systems include programmable technology.

By allowing the temperature in a residence to rise during time periods when unoccupied saves an average of up to 30 percent on a home energy bill, according to U.S. News and World Report. In addition, the reduction in energy usage when a residence is not occupied also lessens the carbon foot print left on the environment by an air conditioning system.

A person can program thermostat to allow for enhanced cooling at an appropriate point in time before residents return home, allowing them to be created with a comfortable environment even on the hottest days of the year.

Clean Filters Once a Month

Another fundamental step that needs to be taken to maximize the efficiency of a home air conditioning system is to maintain clean filters. As a general rule, air conditioning filters should be cleaned monthly. This can be accomplished by running hot water through the filters.

In addition to a monthly cleaning, air conditioning filters should be replaced at least once (if not twice) a year. A good time to replace filters is in the spring before a person starts regularly using an air conditioning system. Ideally a homeowner should consider changing out filters on a central air conditioner about midway through the season.

Some people balk at the mid-season suggestion to change rather then just clean filters, worried that it is an unnecessary expense. In fact, according to the Energy Department, a mid-season change of filters optimizes the overall effectiveness of an air conditioner, thereby improving performance, reducing operational costs and lessening the negative impact on the environment.

Service Your Unit Once Per Year

In addition to these self-help strategies to improve the effectiveness of a central air conditioning system, a very important strategy is to have a unit serviced annually. Calling upon an experienced heating and air conditioning professional to perform overall service and maintenance on an air conditioning system once a year ensures that a unit operates at peak performance. Moreover, annual servicing of a unit provides an opportunity for a professional to troubleshoot any potential problems with a system.

Although a consumer pays for this type of professional assistance, the Energy Department confirms that this type of annual servicing saves money over the long run by optimizing the performance of a unit.

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