How to save money on a new HVAC

Save Money on a New HVAC

Buying a new HVAC system can be a major home improvement expense. Homeowners should keep their eyes peeled for the best deals. And if you’re savvy, you can stack up discounts and save a ton of money on your new HVAC purchase.

The best trick to saving the most money on a new HVAC system is to combine multiple promotions. You might be familiar with grocery store coupons, which often can’t be combined. But promotions on new HVAC units can almost always be used together! HVAC rebates, manufacturer specials, and financing can be used simultaneously to get the best deal. The key is to make sure you understand how each of these offers works and that you are following the guidelines for all of the programs. Your wallet will thank you!

Rebates: The Best Kept Secret to Save Money on HVAC Systems

Rebates are a great way to save money on a new HVAC system. Right now DFW customers can save over $4,600* on a new HVAC system.

But how do rebates work? Well, rebates are simply a discount on your purchase. With a grocery coupon, you receive the discount before you pay your final total. But with a rebate, you get the discount after your purchase.

Once you have paid for your new air conditioner, you will complete the application for a rebate. Don’t worry – the application is always very simple. Usually, you’ll just need a receipt and verification of the installation. The most important thing is to make sure the AC unit you are buying meets the requirements of the rebate program. At Advent, we know all of the rules regarding our local Dallas/Fort Worth rebates. So if you want to be sure your new system qualifies for that huge discount, give us a call at 469-240-5456 and we can walk you through the process.

Save Huge Amounts of Money with Carrier’s Cool Cash HVAC Rebates

Every once in awhile, manufacturers run amazing deals on new HVAC systems. If you’re ready to buy, you can save a ton of money. Right now is one of those times!

Carrier is offering a great rebate on brand new cooling systems. You can save up to $1,650 on a qualifying Carrier purchase. This is the very best deal we can offer. And, Cool Cash only comes around twice a year. So when Cool Cash is active, it’s the right time to buy. Contact us today to learn if Cool Cash is available.

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HVAC Rebates from Local Utilities

In Dallas/Fort Worth, there are even more rebates you can use to save money on a new HVAC unit.

Rebates encourage homeowners to choose high-efficiency products to cool and heat their home. Efficient AC units are a great way to reduce your energy bill each month – and that’s just one reason you should go green. But when many homeowners choose these energy-saving products, the utility companies benefit because there is less strain on the electrical grid. As an incentive for you to choose high-SEER units, utility companies offer a discount on your new HVAC purchase.

Advent has partnered with local electricity provider Oncor to offer even more rebates to our customers. For a limited time, you can save up to $1,140 on a new air conditioner or up to $2,940 on a heat pump. Oncor’s Take a Load Off, Texas program is a great way to save on a high-efficiency system. For units to quality, they must have a SEER rating above 18 and an EER rating above 12.

Combine HVAC Rebates and Save Money

Here is the icing on the cake: you don’t have to pick one rebate or the other, or figure out which one will give you the most benefit. You can take advantage of BOTH!

By combining rebates, you can save huge amounts on an HVAC purchase, making it very affordable. Your budget will thank you!

Financing your new HVAC System

One more way you can save money on your new HVAC system is with financing. Cooling systems are replaced only every 10-15 years, and heating systems even longer. So you may not remember to budget or plan for such a large expense. But if your AC or furnace is on its last legs, you should replace it now before you are in a situation where you have to make quick, potentially hasty decisions. If you’re ready to replace but don’t have the money saved up, consider financing.

With financing, the cost of your new heating or cooling system is broken up in small payments over the course of up to 72 months! Depending on your credit, you may be eligible for 0% APR interest rate. That means that your HVAC will cost exactly the same whether you have small monthly payments or you pay up-front. If the price of an HVAC system is what is keeping you from buying now, please reach out to us to discuss your financing options.

Advent Air Conditioning: Leading the Way & Helping you Save!

With over 30 years of experience in installing new HVAC systems around the DFW metroplex, we know how to help our customers save big. Our team of professionals is ready to answer your questions about incentives, rebates, and financing. Place your trust in the award-winning experts at Advent – plenty of your neighbors already have! If you’re ready to start saving, contact us!

*Rebates available on select systems. Rebate periods are not year-round and are set by the manufacturer and local utility companies. Contact Advent for complete details on qualifying equipment and rebate dates as they may not be available at the time of this post.