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How to Save Money on HVAC (Without Sacrificing Home Comfort)

Saving money on your utility expenses is great, but not if it comes at the expense of your family’s comfort. No one wants to live in a home that feels oppressively hot, even if you end up saving some money on your monthly bills. The key is to strike a balance between saving money and keeping your home comfortable in the summer months when the natural factors that contribute to your home feeling hot are at their most severe.

While you may not be able to stop using your HVAC unit completely, you can minimize your use by keeping the thermostat on a higher temperature and using some simple tricks and strategies to keep the home cool during the hottest parts of the day.

Simple Ways to Save Money on Cooling Without Sacrificing Home Comfort

There are several ways simple ways to encourage home comfort while keeping utility costs low, including:

1. Use your appliances less to keep them from generating heat that spreads through the house.

Try grilling or using an Instant Pot instead of using your oven. Getting creative and serving cool dishes, like salad, gazpacho, and sushi for dinner can help keep your family fed and happy without creating a heat wave in the house. Even running appliances you may not associate with heat generation, like your dishwasher, generates some heat. Try to limit your use of unnecessary appliances to every other day or run the dishes early in the morning before the home gets hot.

2. Invest in curtains that help to block out the sun.

This keeps the heat from the sun’s rays from penetrating through the windows and into your home, where it heats the air in your living space. Keep them closed during the times when the sun is at its hottest, which is typically between noon and 2 PM.

3. Use fans in your living space instead of running the air conditioner.

Running the air conditioner cools the whole home, which is unnecessary if you’re only going to be in one or two rooms in the living space. Instead, keep the thermostat at a higher temperature and use a fan to keep the space where you are cool. This consumes less electricity than cooling the entire home and helps to cut your daily usage.

4. Minimize the amount of time the family spends inside during the hottest parts of the day.

Run errands and schedule appointments during the hottest times of the day, when businesses will have their AC units running on high. Or if you prefer to be outside, hit the beach, pool or splash pad to take advantage of a natural way to stay cool.

5. Remove humidity from the indoor air.

In many cases, the presence of moisture in the air contributes to the hot, stuffy feeling inside the home on a hot day. Filtering out the humidity can make the inside of the home feel much cooler. You can purchase a dehumidifier for use in the home at any local home improvement store and use it anytime the house starts to feel too hot.

Save Money on Heating and Cooling Costs

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