Fall Energy Savings

4 Surprising Ways to Save Energy this Fall

With Fall on the way, some homeowners are anxious to enjoy cooler temperatures and breezy evenings. But in many parts of the country, fall temperatures are still high enough to leave the inside of the home feeling hot and uncomfortable. For other homeowners, evening temperatures at this time of the year will leave them shivering and ready to switch on the heat. Instead of reaching for the thermostat and ending up with a larger utility bill, try these tips to save energy this fall.

1. Identify and seal leaks before winter hits.

Now is the time to find the cause of any energy leaks that may be driving your utility bills up and seal them up once and for all. These energy losses will add up to a lot of extra utility costs over the winter months when you are most likely to use the system. Some of the most likely places that energy might seep out of your home include:

  • Window frames
  • Under and around doors
  • Uninsulated ceiling or attic

Most of the gaps that allow for these leakages can be seen visually, but if you want to perform a test to be sure you don’t miss any potential trouble spots, you can perform a simple test recommended by the Department of Energy.

2. Use nature’s resources to keep the home comfortable.

Instead of reaching for the thermostat each time you feel uncomfortable in the home, try an old-fashioned method that remains effective. Use the outdoor elements to help cool and heat your home. Invest in heat blocking curtains that will stop the sun from seeping through large windows and heating the air in the home, or open your windows before you lay in bed to let the breeze in overnight.

3. Make a plan for your thermostat.

Adjusting your thermostat each time you feel uncomfortable is an easy way to end up with a higher energy bill. You are cooling or heating the entire home when in fact you only need to make the room where you are comfortable. Instead, plan to set your thermostat at the same temperature during the day and leave it there. Use tried and true methods like blankets, space heaters a, d fans to keep the space that you’re in at the temperature you like.

4. Assess your holiday energy usage.

The holidays are a time when many people deck out their homes with beautiful decorations. But they often forget the true cost of turning these decorations on. A blow-up lawn ornament or holiday light display can add hundreds to your energy bill over the course of a month. Try placing these items on a timer so you don’t forget to turn them off, or only turning them on during times when you know that friends or family are coming over. For more holiday energy tips, check out our blog post on the topic.

Get Your HVAC System Ready for Fall

The tips above are a great starting point for saving more energy this fall season. But if you really want to keep energy waste at a minimum, it’s important that you schedule your fall HVAC tune-up. During this seasonal maintenance visit, a certified HVAC technician will ensure that your system is clean, lubricated, and free of any repair needs. Call us today to schedule your fall tune-up: (469) 240-5456

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