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Reasons To Replace Your Attic Insulation

Fall is a good time to consider performing home improvement projects. The weather is ideal for working and contractors are often less busy at this time. One of the projects you should consider if you have an older home is upgrading your attic insulation. Insulation in new or custom construction is usually of high quality, but as insulation ages it wears out and could mean a significant increase in electricity bills. Here are some signs that your home may require replacement of attic insulation.


High Utility Bills

A spike in utility bills often means that your air conditioning and heating system is turning on frequently. Replacing the insulation will regulate temperature and result in energy savings.


Inconsistent Room Temperature

Poor insulation results in inconsistent temperature. Walking into a room that has temperature clearly different from others in the home is a sure sign of inadequate insulation.


Crumbling Insulation

Lower quality, old insulation begins to fall apart after many years. Put on gloves and feel the insulation. If it starts crumbling, replace it with newer, better insulation, possibly even a green option, that will last longer.


Presence of Pests

Insects, mice and other pests like to keep warm and cozy just like you do so they make their homes in insulation. Basements and attics are favorite hiding places. If your home suddenly experiences a pest infestation, make sure you check the insulation. If you see signs of insects or critters, it’s time to replace it to avoid future problems.


Water Damage

Heavy rains or flooding can cause water to seep through the roof or walls into insulation. If that insulation doesn’t dry properly afterward, mold can start to form. Areas that experience high humidity or that have frequent flooding are prone to such problems. If you area has such problems, check the quality of your insulation just to be safe and replace it if it shows signs of damage.

Home insulation costs vary by city, type of insulation and the amount of square footage needed. Replace your insulation before weather becomes too extreme to preserve your home’s comfort. Follow this website for more articles that will keep your HVAC system running efficiently.

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