What You Need To Know About Energy Efficiency Audits

The U.S. Energy Star Program states that more than half of the energy you use in your home goes into heating and cooling. The energy efficiency of your heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC) system decides your monthly energy bills and how your home or business impacts the environment. Professional home energy audits from an authorized professional company such as Advent Air Conditioning, Inc. are the best way to assess your systems efficiency, but you can conduct your own simple audit to pinpoint problem areas.

What You Need To Know About Energy Efficiency Audits

Do-It-Yourself Energy Efficiency Audit

A fast and easy way to detect inefficient air conditioning areas in your home is to do a walkthrough. DIY energy audits arent as thorough as professional ones, but they can get you started with a checklist of areas where you need efficiency upgrades. Begin by locating air leaks in your home or business. Air leaks are massive energy wasters. The air you pay for escapes outdoors, and the uncomfortable outside air invades your space. Instead of wasting money and energy pumping air outside, perform a leak test.

Look for air leaks that enable you to see light from outside, such as gaps in your baseboards and doorjambs. Check the outside of the building for cracks or gaps where materials meet. Then, review your windows, doors, and skylights for drafts as well as your electrical outlets and light switches. Do this by shutting all windows, doors, and fireplace flues. Turn off all appliances, such as gas burning furnaces, and turn on exhaust fans that blow air outside.

Next, light an incense stick and walk through your home or business, wafting the smoke near places with possible air leaks. Watch the smoke carefully: if you have a leak, the smoke will waver or swirl away. Once you know where some of your energy efficiency issues lie, you can contact a licensed HVAC technician to come to your home or business and solve the problem.

Professional Audits And Energy Efficiency Solutions

A professional energy efficiency A/C system audit means a trained technician will visit your home or business and conduct a full check. The technician will delve far beyond rudimentary draft detection, using calibrated blower door tests and thermographic scans to ensure accurate energy readings. Then, the technician will give you expert advice about how to solve your energy deficiencies, such as sealing air leaks, checking insulation, and repairing or replacing heating and cooling equipment.

Advent Air Conditioning, Inc. has performed thorough energy efficient audits for the citizens of the Greater Dallas and Ft. Worth, TX areas since 1981. We’ve stayed on the cutting edge of energy efficient furnaces and air conditioners, and we train our team to detect even the slightest air leaks with special methods. Well give you friendly, no-pressure advice as to how to keep your home energy efficient far into the future and complete any services you need on the spot. Call us today for your energy efficiency audit, or visit us online.

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