Myths you should know about your HVAC System

Myths you should know about your HVAC System

With a worldwide web filled with facts and fiction on just about every subject there is, it can be tough to figure out what the real deal is on a lot of subjects. And your HVAC system is no exception. There are a lot of HVAC myths and misinformation out there, making it hard to determine the right way to take care of your HVAC system. To help you debunk the myths about your HVAC system and stop the madness, here’s what you should know. 

The location of the thermostat is not important

Wrong! If your thermostat is placed too close to a vent or a window getting direct sunlight, it’s going to shut down prematurely. Be sure your thermostat is in an accessible more temperature neutral area. 

Air filters need to be changed annually

This one is a big NO. When your air filter gets dirty, it prevents airflow and can cause your system to operate inefficiently. Check it once a month for the best results. 

Shutting the vents in unused rooms will help save energy

It won’t. In fact, it can create a pressure build-up that can ultimately wreak havoc on your ducts by rerouting airflow. Closing the vents also puts additional strain on the blower motor, which will result in premature failure. 

A larger HVAC system will work more efficiently

The truth is you need a system that is the right size for your specific home. A larger system could cost you more in energy costs in the long run if it is too large for your home. That’s because it will cycle on and off more frequently and put more wear and tear on the system. It can also cause humidity issues.

If I change my air filters regularly, I don’t need routine maintenance

If you drive a car regularly, you’ll need to do more than change the air filter. Your HVAC system is a SYSTEM. Meaning, if you don’t maintain all the internal elements of the system, you’re asking for trouble. Not to mention, routine maintenance can head off major system issues that could cost you a lot more down the road. 

Having a reliable HVAC company to turn to for all your repairs, maintenance and installations is the best solution to keeping your home comfortable all year round and your system in great working condition. Contact the professionals at Advent Air to learn more or to schedule your routine maintenance today.