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Myths About Commercial HVAC Companies

The job of facility managers is to ensure that the premises run smoothly all day, every day. This includes the HVAC system which is a crucial part of operations for all businesses. It keeps the workers comfortable thus enhancing their productivity. It also cools down vital equipment to prevent overheating and sudden failures. Engaging the services of an excellent HVAC company goes a long way towards system longevity. The problem is that the prevalence of myths about commercial HVAC companies is preventing managers from making the best decisions.


Myth 1: Size is Equal to Quality

Most people assume that the biggest players in the industry will automatically offer the best services. While it does take a good level of performance to grow, quality service is not the exclusive domain of the large companies. Their ability to advertise on billboards across town may be impressive but it does not make them any better than smaller firms.

In fact, having so many techs available for jobs may be detrimental in that different techs are likely to come for repairs for every call. Personal knowledge about the system’s history and quirks get lost in between. Smaller firms send out the same technician to a facility every time. There is ownership of the case. The business relationship is highly valued.


Myth 2: Everyone Follows the Same Maintenance Process

System tune-up is thought to be standard across all companies but this is not the case. Some send out their techs merely to replace the air filters and check for current issues that they can tinker with. The latter provides them with the chance to charge more for the visit. A more sensible approach would be to use the opportunity to do preventive maintenance work. This involves a thorough check of the system to locate potential trouble spots and making corrections immediately to prevent future breakdowns. This approach may result in greater expense per tune-up but the long-terms savings will be immense.


Myth 3: There is Only One Business Model in the Industry

Commercial HVAC companies operate differently based on their business model. Most are focused on the repairs as these calls tend to generate the greatest amount of money. Emergency repairs and parts replacements are costly services after all so they generate a great deal of profit with this strategy. Yet while this benefits the service providers, they don’t do much for the facilities they serve except to charge more. A business model revolving around maintenance would be more beneficial to clients as they are assured that technicians are working to help them prevent major repairs.

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