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Maintaining An Air Conditioner Over The Years

When the temperature rises outside, it is important to keep the temperature cooled down inside of the home. Air conditioner preventive maintenance plans offer peace of mind by ensuring that the equipment is operating efficiently every year. Properly maintained A/C systems save money, not only be performing as efficiently as possible, but also by extending the life of the equipment.

An air conditioning unit involves many parts, including coils, filters, a condenser, a compressor, and more. There are window units, which are easily secured in the window and can cool down a specific room or floor of the home. A central system involves a large compressor, which is placed outside of the home, and provides cool air throughout the entire house or building. The filter should be changed each year, and more often if the air conditioner is being run frequently. Checking out the entire system at least once a year is the smartest way to make sure that all of the parts are in good shape and functioning properly.

There are air conditioning maintenance and energy savings plans that homeowners can purchase. Such plans offer the perfect way to ensure that the air conditioning equipment receives a tune-up when needed. Refrigerant levels will be checked, which is important for keeping the air as cool as possible while the system is running. When refrigerant needs to be replaced, the maintenance plan should cover that cost.

In the warmer months, cooling costs can contribute significantly to a high electric bill. It can be more than some homeowners can handle during the hottest times. When the unit, whether it is a window unit, or a central system with a compressor, is taken care of and checked often, it can operate as efficiently as possible. Efficiency saves homeowners money by saving energy. The filter is the most basic element to be checked and replaced. A clogged and filthy filter will prevent the unit from putting out as much air as possible.

The coils can also collect significant amounts of dust and grime. When the coil is covered in dirt and dust, it is not able to absorb enough heat. The result is reduced airflow, which means that the system has to work even harder to produce cooler temperatures. This drives up the monthly costs of running an air conditioner. The coil fins also need to be checked regularly, and cleaned when needed.

Air conditioning equipment simply has to be taken care of over the years in order to run as efficiently as possible. A maintenance plan is a great option for homeowners so that they can be sure that all elements of the system are checked, cleaned, and replaced whenever necessary. It is the smartest and most cost effective way to save money on energy costs.

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