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Inspecting Your Air Conditioner

For many people, maintaining the working order of their central air conditioner is an important part of preparing their home for the summer weather. If you have turned your unit on but found its cooling potential lacking, then there may be something wrong with it that you will need to inspect. While it may be tempting to immediately call for a repair service, the truth is that you can easily determine how in need of repair your unit is by troubleshooting it through a few easy steps. Following these procedures can be a very good way to make sure that your central air conditioner needs charged repairs, as opposed to mechanical ones that you may be capable of performing yourself. As with any such process, it is important to work carefully in order to ensure that you do not damage any of the parts within the air conditioner.

To begin the troubleshooting process, turn the unit on and have your thermostat set to sixty five. After you have done this, wait approximately fifteen minutes and try to observe the temperature in the room. If there is no change or if the room feels warmer, you will need to proceed to the next steps.

Check the fan and see that it is functioning appropriately. This involves keeping your unit turned on and going outside of your home to look at its exterior. If you can observe that the fan is not turning, then it may be that the problem is one of a mechanical nature. If the motor is malfunctioning, you will need to engage in the relevant repairs, but always be sure to turn the unit off before putting your hands or any tools near the fans.

If the fans are working appropriately, then it may be a good idea to go back inside, checking thermostat readings to see if maybe the problem is with the thermostat itself. If the house feels cooler than what the thermostat reads, then the problem may be with the device. Unlike with motors and fans, a broken thermostat will need to be repaired by a professional, as you will not have all of the necessary tools to perform the changes.

If the fan reading seems to be right, then you will need to proceed to the next step, which involves putting your hands before the air vents and seeing if you can feel the cool air coming into your home. If you feel warm air entering your home, then the problem is that your unit is not refrigerant charged. If your unit has lost its charge, you will need to call maintenance specialists who will be able to get your air conditioner working again. These highly trained individuals can also help you learn more about your unit and what you can do to make sure that it stays running properly and effectively.

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