Guide to your HVAC Warranty

Guide to your HVAC Warranty

When was the last time you read your HVAC warranty? If you’re like most people, then you probably don’t ever read it until something goes wrong. It can be difficult to understand all of the terms and conditions of a warranty document. That’s why we felt it was important to put together a guide to your HVAC warranty.

How an HVAC Warranty Differs from Other Warranties

Warranties on heating and cooling equipment are very different than other warranties, like those for cars or appliances. If you purchase a warranty from a furniture store or car dealership, you work directly with that business to help you with any repairs. So, if you require a repair on your dishwasher, you’ll call the manufacturer directly for service.

For HVAC equipment, the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) owns the warranty. The OEM the company that made the equipment. For example, Carrier, Trane, and Lennox are all OEMs. But when the cooling or heating system breaks down, most homeowners want it to be restored to working condition immediately. So, you’ll likely call on an independent HVAC service provider to fix your system, like Advent Air Conditioning, Inc. Independent HVAC service providers are also called HVAC dealers, contractors, or local service providers.

The dealer you choose to work with will be helping to manage the warranty process with the manufacturer. For example, manufacturers might not pay for a replacement part until the faulty one is returned. Since most homeowners don’t want to wait that long for HVAC repair, the dealer will replace the part from their inventory, and handle the shipment of the faulty part as well as any required paperwork.

The Most Common Misconception about HVAC Warranties

By far, the most common misconception about warranties is about the cost of HVAC repair. Most people think that any repair services that accompany a part replaced under warranty should be free-of-charge to the homeowner.

An HVAC warranty only covers the cost of the part itself. It’s important to remember that some parts might not qualify for a warranty claim. What is a qualifying claim? Unfortunately, the answer is “it depends”. Every manufacturer’s warranty terms are different. But to give you an example, a part that is determined to be faulty may be a qualifying claim. On the other hand, manufacturers may reject your claim if your HVAC system was installed by someone that is not a qualified, certified technician.

When you work with a local service provider like Advent Air on your repair, there additional costs such as:

  • Diagnostic/Labor – the time spent by our expert technician at your home diagnosing the problem and replacing the part. At Advent, we charge a flat-rate labor fee, which means you’ll pay a fixed price for labor no matter how much time we spend at your home.
  • Shipment – the cost to ship the part back to the manufacturer
  • Administration – the time to complete required paperwork, order new parts, replenish our warehouse, and dispatch technicians to your home.

In short, while the cost of the replacement will be waived under a qualifying claim, there are still additional costs incurred with a warranty repair. That is the reason why HVAC warranty repairs are rarely free!

HVAC Warranty Services from Advent Air

Here at Advent Air, we respond to HVAC warranty calls on a daily basis. Here are some important notes to remember:

  • New HVAC installations come with our 10-year limited parts warranty, where the customer covers the cost of labor. And at Advent, we also provide homeowners with our Lifetime Workmanship Warranty.
  • For air conditioning repairs, if any part fails within one year of Advent’s repair service the cost of the replacement part will be waived.

Advent strives to provide a seamless experience for our customers. We understand that a broken HVAC system can be both frustrating and stressful. Advent Air can help you understand your warranty and get your home comfortable once again. Contact us now for excellence in heating and cooling service!

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