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HVAC Lesson: The Construction of An Air Conditioning Unit

Getting to know how your air conditioning units are made can help you decide which system, model, and overall solution you need for your home or business.

In today’s post, we describe how modern AC units are manufactured below.

Parts Manufacture

Air conditioning unit parts are formed from either plastic or metal. Metal sheets are pounded and shaped to create the chassis of your unit. Other parts use galvanized steel, which makes these parts less prone to rust and deterioration. The relevant parts are also powder-coated. Adding zinc during galvanizing reduces the rust and corrosion that could destroy the metal. Powder-coating the parts involves spraying on powder paint and heating the outer layer so the paint sticks to the metal.


Once all the parts are completed and in the assembly factory, the unit is ready to come together. An air conditioner is made up of a condenser, an inside compressor, an outside compressor, copper pipes, a fan, and controls. Once these are all available, the unit is assembled. First the condenser and inside compressor, then the copper wires that connect them to the fan and outside compressor. All of this is then connected to a motor. Lastly, the motor is linked to the plastic control parts.

Finishing and Charging

Once everything is assembled, it’s only then that the coolant is injected into the unit. The HVAC construction company then thoroughly tests the unit for leaks and the right pressure. Only when it passes rigorous tests is it sent out for distribution and purchase.

More Questions? Advent Air Conditioning, Inc. Is Here to Help

What you read above is a simplified way of describing the manufacturing process. If you want to learn more about how these units would work for your home or business, give Advent Air Conditioning Inc. a call at (469) 240-5456. We can explain the process better in a face-to-face meeting and help you decide which cooling solution is the best for your needs.