how to keep cool in the texas summer

How to Keep Cool in Texas During the Summer

Texas is known for its scorching summers, but this year especially, the entire Western part of the US is having a heat wave like no other. In fact, many Texans were recently asked by the Energy Reliability Council to conserve energy to avoid blackouts, as areas such as Dallas and Austin reached triple-digit temperatures.

So, let’s talk about some ways you can ensure your home is as cool and comfortable as possible during this record-breaking Texas summer, without draining the power grid.

Make sure your AC is working properly

Now is no time to have your AC go on the fritz – it could literally be deadly. Schedule an appointment to have your AC checked and maintained to ensure it is working as effectively and efficiently as possible. If your AC unit is more than ten years old and not working at it’s best, it might be a good time to upgrade to a newer, more energy efficient model which can keep your house comfortable while also saving on energy costs.

Help your current AC run better

In addition to regular maintenance, remember to regularly replace your air filters according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Dirty air filters can make your system work harder, expending more energy. You should keep your AC set at a regular temperature – ideally around 75 degrees. It’s also a good idea to keep the area around your outside unit free of debris, grass, and branches, so that nothing is keeping your AC from running efficiently.

Bring on the shade

Blocking the sunlight from coming in – especially on west or south facing windows – can make a big impact in reducing the temperature in your home. Use blinds and heat blocking curtains to help keep your cool. Also, while it may take a while to pay off, consider planting some shade trees or tall bushes around your home to block the sunlight.

Reduce other sources of heat inside

Avoid cooking with the oven or stove top on vert hot days – consider grilling outside, eating cold sandwiches or salads, or eating out instead. Air dry your dishes, and hang your clothes out to dry if you can. If you must use the dryer, use it right before bed so the heat dissipates overnight. It may seem like a small thing, but switching out incandescent light bulbs for fluorescent or LED bulbs can also make a difference.

Give your AC a helping hand

Other ways to reduce the strain on your AC and the temperature in your home is to use fans to help the air circulate and a dehumidifier to remove moisture from the air (which makes it feel hotter).

Contact Advent Air

At Advent Air, we understand the challenges to keeping your cool over a hot Texas summer, and we’re here to help. Contact us to schedule AC maintenance, to assess and repair your current AC, or help you find and install a new efficient system that you’ll love.