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How Does The Office Temperature Effect Your Productivity

When it comes to finding solutions to a decrease in employee productivity, the office temperature is most often overlooked as a possible cause. Lately, studies suggest that the office temperature has a big impact on worker productivity. Research further suggests that changing or adjusting the dial just a few degrees can have an impact on your staff’s productivity. Studies have been debated, but the study carried out by the Cornell University concluded that the ideal office temperature for increased employee productivity is 77 degrees F. This study was later replaced by the British organization that oversees this research and it shows that 70% of workers are content with an office temperature of 74 degrees F.

It must also be noted that many factors play a role in the office temperature. So it is not as simple as setting the dial on the commercial HVAC and expecting everyone to be comfortable and productive. One of the factors to be considered is the humidity levels inside the office. Humidity can affect the way in which your body perceives the temperature. In extreme humidity you don’t feel the air on your skin and the world feels heavy. It also brings on lethargy ans fatigue which is bound to diminish any productivity from employees. Research shows that a relative humidity level of 40% must be maintained to achieve comfort all year round, bearing in mind that humidity levels are higher in summer than it is in winter. The natural climate in that city should also be considered when setting the office temperature as should the seasons of the year. In summer people tend to wear thinner and cooler clothing so setting the dial at a higher temperature should be welcomed. In winter the reverse should be applied as people are already warmly dressed for the cold season.

There are other aspects that should be taken into consideration when working with people such as their weight and age. People who have a higher body mass index tend to feel warmer and those who are older are more susceptible to the cold. Follow us more advice on keeping your HVAC system running smoothly.

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