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How Do I Know if I Need to Replace My AC?

With warmer months approaching you may be starting to think about your aging air conditioning unit. Will it last another season? Will it give out on the hottest week of the year? Or can I get away with a few repairs and extend its life a little longer? These are important questions to consider when facing the expense of a new AC. Here are some questions you can actually answer to help you decide if you need a new system.

  • How old is your AC?

    The age of your AC unit should be a major factor used to decide if you need a new one, especially if you are facing a major repair just to get it back in working order. These machines don’t last forever, even with excellent maintenance and repairs. One formula HVAC experts use to determine if your unit is too old to simply repair is to multiply its age in years by the cost to repair it. If that number comes out to be greater than $5,000, it’s time for a new AC.

  • How much are repairs and energy bills costing you?

    Another consideration is how much your current AC unit is costing you. A new unit may be a significant expense, but it could be worth it if you are constantly paying for repairs. Efficiency is another expense to consider. Look at your energy bills from last summer and talk to one of our experts who can tell you if you’re paying too much and by how much you could lower those bills with a new unit.

  • Is your AC Unit actually cooling your home?

    The money that an inefficient unit is costing you in energy bills is not the only reason an older model may need replacing. An AC running inefficiently may not be cooling your home as much as it should. Does your home feel too warm even though your AC is running often? Do you notice that other homes are cooler than yours in the summer? If yes, you may need a new AC.

  • Is your AC leaking refrigerant?

    If your unit is leaking coolant, you can get it repaired and add more, but it will cost you. The cost will be especially high if your unit uses R-22 refrigerant. A top up can cost up to $175 per pound of refrigerant. The reason it costs so much is because it is being phased out, so if your unit takes this type of refrigerant and has sprung a leak, you may as well get a new AC.

Although a new AC unit is a major purchase, there are many situations in which it is worth the expense. To make your home more comfortable, to avoid the constant repairs, and to save on energy bills, you may need to get a new AC. Let our professionals help you decide and choose the right new AC for your home.

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