Houseplants Better Indoor Air Quality

4 Houseplants to Add to Your Home for Better IAQ

Spider Plant

This plant is commonly found in homes and offices because it is as resilient as it is beautiful.

If you tend to neglect all your houseplants, this one is a great choice as it tends to be hard to kill. Spider plants boast a great deal of rich foliage and therefore help combat airborne pollutants such as benzene, carbon monoxide, and formaldehyde as well as a common solvent called xylene. It also happens to be a pet friendly plant, in case your cat or dog likes to nibble on your indoor greenery. Another great benefit of these plants is that it is easy to make spider plant “clones”. Simply snip off a small baby plant (the mini ones that look like the main plant) and place it into nutrient rich soil and then water as usual. Spider plants prefer slightly cooler home temperatures, bright indirect light, and for the soil to dry in between watering.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is an excellent plant to have around the home as it not only helps clean the air by trapping pollutants such as benzene and formaldehyde, but the gel inside the succulent leaves can also be used as a topical solution on sunburns, scrapes, and more. Aloe loves direct sunlight and thrives in slightly warmer temperatures.  This plant is also easy to “clone”. The “baby” aloe plants will appear at the base of the main plants and detach easily. Simply replant and water sparingly to encourage growth.

Mother-In-Law’s Tongue

This plant is also known as the “snake plant” and is a very popular houseplant due to its beauty and the level of care it requires. This plant is among the very best houseplants for filtering out formaldehyde, a common ingredient found in many household products that often finds its way into your home’s indoor air. Since these plants release an abundance of oxygen during the nighttime, they are especially well-suited for bedrooms. Although this plant works well in all areas of the home, it actually thrives in humid conditions, so a bathroom is a smart spot for these plants as well. These plants may be toxic to pets, however, so place only in areas where pets cannot access.

English Ivy

English ivy is a very common houseplant that is easy to grow and care for. Another great choice for any room in the home, as it is shown as a great filter for a variety of airborne pollutants, such as benzene, formaldehyde, xylene and toluene. It is also said to reduce mold spores as well. This plant does well with low light, so if you have a room with little to no windows, English Ivy would be a great addition.

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