High Ceilings HVAC cons and pros

High Ceilings: HVAC Pros and Cons

You may love the look of a house with high ceilings – skylights, wood beams, dramatic chandeliers, and steep angles add architectural interest and drama to a home. Unfortunately, those beautiful high ceilings can make your HVAC system work harder and increase the cost of your energy bills.

Don’t worry though, there are ways to effectively and efficiently heat and cool a home with high ceilings without blowing your budget or destroying the planet.

Make Sure Your HVAC System is the Right Size & Capacity

If you have a home with high ceilings and you feel like you’re constantly adjusting the thermostat to get to a comfortable temperature, it’s possible that your current HVAC system is simply too small or doesn’t have the power or capacity to efficiently heat or cool your space. Have an HVAC professional spec a system that takes the square footage, ceiling height and other factors into account to be sure you get a system that can do the job.

Get an Energy Efficient HVAC System

It’s also possible that your current HVAC system is older and less energy efficient than today’s models. We’re happy to offer energy-efficient HVAC systems, including the ultimate – the Carrier® Infinity Series – which provides optimal home comfort, maximum energy efficiency, and ideal comfort control. This innovative system automatically adjusts temperature, controls humidity, maintains air quality, and reduces energy usage – regardless of how high your ceilings are. And you can control the whole system from your smartphone!

Incorporate High and Low Ductwork

Since hot air rises, when you heat a home with high ceilings, you’re often paying to heat the air that’s trapped up in the ceiling, while the rest of your house may feel chilly. And in the summer, your AC has to work overtime to try to cool all that hot air above your head. Believe it or not, your ductwork can help this situation. We can help you incorporate a dual low- and high-return air register in your great room. In the summer, you can shut off the low return, so the high return can pull hot air from the ceiling, and in the winter, you can reverse the process, so warm air is pulled down towards the floor.

Use Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans can help distribute warm or cool air more efficiently, and take some of the workload off of your HVAC system. In the winter, run the fan blades clockwise to remove heat from the ceiling and push it downward. Reverse the fan’s rotation in the summer to stir up a breeze that makes you feel cooler.

Contact Advent Air

Ultimately, there are many pros to having a house with beautiful high ceilings. And we can help you overcome the cons by assessing your current situation and recommending the best way for you to make your space comfortable year-round, while also making it more energy and cost-efficient. At Advent Air, we’re committed to the quality of the air you and your family breathe every single day. Contact us to learn more.