Heating and Air Conditioning System Problems in Winter

Heating and Air Conditioning System Problems in Winter

Texas doesn’t have the same problems in winter as more northern states do, but it’s still subject to low temperatures in the winter. As the leading provider of heating and air conditioning service in the area, we recommend paying close attention to your HVAC system during this season. The cold months are some of the busiest times of the year for your system, so you need to understand and prepare for some common HVAC problems.

Common Winter HVAC Problems

Below we discuss typical winter HVAC problems and explain how we can help.

Common Winter Heating and Air Conditioning Problems

Understanding the problems your heating and air conditioning system may face during the winter will help you prepare for them. For example, pipes and coils can freeze over and cease to function properly because of decreasing temperatures and accumulating ice. While this rarely happens in Texas, it’s dangerous. When frozen water stops flowing within the pipes, hydronic systems like steam radiators and hot water heaters can fail. In some cases, the pressure buildup can cause frozen water pipes to burst. The best solution to this problem is to prevent pipes from freezing in the first place.

Faulty thermostats are another typical problem. This can cause a heater to cycle on and off irregularly. We can replace or calibrate the thermostat to fix this problem. In some cases, however, a damaged furnace can be the culprit. Lack of proper airflow can cause the components of the system to heat up too quickly. This causes the furnace’s emergency stop system to activate. We recommend calling us to diagnose and fix this problem.

Some heaters ignite only after the pilot light turns on, which can be a problem if the pilot light is faulty. This is usually caused by a damaged or dirty flame sensor. We can clean the sensor and make sure that the pilot light burns steadily.

Dirty heater filters are also a common HVAC problem. We can clear any obstructions surrounding the filter, and if necessary, replace it. We’ll also make sure that your heating system’s fans and motor are in good condition.

Some homes have exterior heat pumps to provide the interior with warmth. Unfortunately, cold weather can damage these appliances, causing them to malfunction. Other common causes of heat pump malfunction include coil blockage and broken fan motors.

Our Heating and Air Conditioning Service

Advent Air Conditioning is a full-service heating and air conditioning company. Our team of more than 60 experienced professionals can handle any kind of HVAC problem. We provide rapid and effective emergency heating system and furnace repairs. In addition, we can also implement a regular maintenance program to keep your HVAC system in great condition throughout the year. And, if you need an HVAC system replacement, we also install high-quality heating and air conditioning products from top manufacturers like Carrier®.

Advent Air Conditioning is the top heating and air conditioning service in Lewisville, TX, because of the principles of honesty, quality, and integrity. We focus on maintaining a family-oriented mindset in everything that we do, making sure that we take care of our customers as if they were our own family. We’ve also received some of the top awards in the industry for the quality of our service.

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