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Great Strategies for Commercial HVAC Efficiency

Optimizing your warehouse efficiency isn’t just about your supply chain or logistics. It’s also about using the right amount of heating and cooling to keep your goods at optimum quality. In today’s post, we have listed several strategies that businesses can use to reduce commercial HVAC system costs and still run a great warehouse.

The Right Model

When choosing heating or cooling units for your warehouse, get the following:

  1. High-efficiency condensing furnaces and unit heaters (Achieve 89%-98% fuel efficiency)

  2. High-efficiency air conditioners (SEER of 14 and above)

Place Them Strategically

The placement of your heating or cooling unit is also important in maximizing its efficiency. Put a condensing furnace inside the building, preferably suspended at the top of the warehouse to compensate for outdoor furnaces.

Control Digitally in Real-Time

When you know the right temperature that each space in your warehouse needs based on traffic and items, you’ll be able to create a plan on how to heat or cool each area. Consider using internet-based controls so you can raise or lower temperature in key areas during the summer or even when the warehouse is inactive.

Use Natural Ventilation

During hot weather, consider using large windows to let out the heat or let air circulate.

Use Radiant Heating

Consider using radiant heating to keep your employees comfortable. Regulating heat for the whole area may be too expensive. Commercial HVAC system costs can significantly drop if you know how to use radiant heating.

Use Cool Roof Technologies

The great thing about a cool roof is that it deflects light and heat, which would have otherwise seeped into the warehouse interior. This reduces how much energy your HVAC system needs to regulate the temperature in the warehouse itself.

For More Strategies, Call Advent Air Conditioning, Inc.

These are not the only strategies for reducing the energy needed to regulate your warehouse. Call Advent Air Conditioning Inc. at (469) 240-5456 to set up an appointment or consultation to determine the best way to regulate your warehouse temperature. We offer the best and most comfortable solutions.

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