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Energy Efficiency Tips for Your Business

Increasing your building’s energy efficiency can lower your monthly utility costs, which keeps more of your hard-earned money in your pocket. Almost half of the energy use in the nation comes from commercial buildings, and these buildings use about 30 percent of their energy inefficiently. By taking measures to reduce your business’s energy usage, you can make a large dent in lowering your outgoing expenses.

Improving Energy Efficiency in Cooling and Ventilation Systems

  • Choose Energy Star for new cooling and ventilation systems and roofing materials.
  • Install ceiling fans for at least a four-degree drop in temperature in the summer months.
  • Insulate your water heaters as well as supply pipes.
  • Install wall and ceiling insulation, which will save on utility costs and make employees more comfortable.
  • Use a programmable thermostat to regulate the temperature and to make adjusting the settings easy.
  • Allow workers to wear comfortable clothes in the summer in order to reduce the level of air conditioning.
  • Keep freight and exterior doors closed when not in use.
  • For windows that face south and west, install solar screens, window film or awning.
  • Replace the filter on your cooling and ventilation system regularly, and keep up with scheduled maintenance.

Improving Energy Efficiency for Office Equipment

  • Turn off computers and other office equipment when not in use, particularly overnight and over the weekends. This practice can save about $44 per year for each computer.
  • Buy office equipment with an Energy Star logo.
  • Have computers set to automatically power down or sleep when not in use for a specific amount of time.
  • Unplug phone chargers and laptops when not in use.
  • Use a power strip for equipment that uses energy even when it’s turned off, in order to easily turn off the power strip.
  • Get a “smart strip,” which sense when equipment isn’t in use and shuts it off.

Improving Energy Efficiency for Refrigeration and Food Service Equipment

  • Reduce heat loss by keeping pots covered.
  • Load cooking equipment fully in order to use energy efficiently.
  • Choose the right icemaker for your business to reduce wasted energy.
  • Place insulated night covers over display cases.
  • Install strip curtains and automatic door-closers for walk-in freezers and coolers.
  • Check oven door latches for a secure fit in order to reduce heat loss, and ensure that gaskets are still in good condition.
  • Get insulated cooking equipment to keep heat from escaping into the room.
  • Invest in regular maintenance for your evaporator coils in order to keep them clean, and check levels of refrigerant and oil.

Your HVAC specialist can offer even more suggestions for reducing the energy usage in your building, as well as perform routine maintenance in order to ensure your heating and cooling equipment is working properly. Keeping up with scheduled cleanings and inspections will reduce the cost of your monthly utility bill.


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