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What Is The Difference Between Manual And Electronic Thermostat Controls?

If you have an older home or have been in a house you bought new for more than a few years, you may still be operating with a manual thermostat. You may be regularly going to the unit to change the temperature setting while dreaming of the programmable electronic thermostats your neighbors are enjoying.

They likely also are enjoying some significant energy savings. This is because their electronic thermostats do the work of controlling indoor comfort for them by switching to pre-set temperatures as pre-set times. This automation allows for cost savings by reducing energy use when not needed, even if the homeowner forgets to turn the setting down before they go to bed or leave for work.

Manual thermostats still are popular because they are more familiar to most and typically are cheaper than electronic thermostats. Manual units come in two types: digital and mercury. The mercury variety uses a coil that will contract and expand with temperature changes. Many states and other government agencies are restricting or banning mercury use, however. Also, mercury, over time, can become un-calibrated and not respond accurately to temperature changes.

Either version of anual thermostats, as the name suggests, must be operated manually to change the temperature setting. Programmable electronic thermostats allow you to program temperature and time pre-sets into the unit’s memory. They can be programmed daily for those with uncertain schedules or for a five-day and weekend schedule.

Programmable thermostats can come with vacation overrides, which will keep temperatures at a minimal level if you will be gone for several days. Other features can include automatic switchover between heating and cooling, a keypad lock to prevent unwanted changes, battery indicators, seasonal automatic change-overs, and a filter change indicator. An energy monitor is a feature that keeps a record of how many hours your system needed to be operating under your settings. This will allow you to see if you need to alter the settings to conserve more energy.

Electronic thermostats have proven they are a good way to reduce energy costs for homeowners. The issue is finding one with the features that will suit your individual needs. Call us to learn more about home thermostats or to install a new programmable thermostat today.

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