Advent Indoor Air Quality Myths

Debunking Indoor Air Quality Myths


There are myths about indoor air quality (IAQ) that circulate within the general public, and some of these myths prevent people from taking adequate precaution to ensure their IAQ is above par. Luckily, some of the myths are facts. Debunking most of these myths enlightens you on what is and what is not true, thereby giving you an edge in the maintenance of your building’s IAQ.


Typical IAQ myths

Indoor Vs Outdoor air quality

Perhaps the most dangerous IAQ myth is that indoor air is purer than outdoor air. This is not only false, but it also perpetuates some people’s culture of ignoring their indoor air quality. While the outdoor air may be prone to synthetic and natural contaminants, the free flow of fresh air continually dilutes the air, reducing the concentration of pollutants in a given area. Indoor air, on the other hand, is plagued with pollutants from human and animal activities and the limited flow of fresh air (due to enclosed spaces) can increase the concentration of these pollutants to dangerous levels.

Gas detectors

There are numerous brands of gas detectors that can be installed in premises to detect and alarm building occupants of gas leaks. Whereas it is true that gas detectors are effective, it is not true that some gas detectors are effective forever without maintenance. All gas detectors must be checked and or serviced according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Whereas some people assume that all gas detectors are the same and should be installed as per the volume of an indoor space, it is important to note that not all gas sensors are the same. Each gas detector should be chosen according to the gas-to-be detected and not the space capacity.

IAQ maintenance

Some people assume it is impossible to maintain high indoor air quality. The truth of the matter is that there are numerous HVAC equipment that can condition, detect impurities, and clean indoor air. The acquisition, installment, operation and maintenance of the necessary HVAC equipment may be costly, but the achieved IAQ translates to comfort and good health for your indoor occupants.

Indoor air quality is essential for the comfort and the health of building occupants. Numerous IAQ myths make it impossible for people to make any efforts to maintain their indoor air quality at optimum levels. Follow our blog for more information on heating, cooling, and keeping your home energy efficient.

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