Common Air Conditioning Repair Issues

Common Air Conditioning Repair Issues

An effective air conditioning system is your best defense against scorching summers, so keeping them in peak condition should be a top priority. The problem is that they can succumb to various issues due to constant use, especially in commercial settings where they work round-the-clock.

Air Conditioning Repair Issues

Here’s a look at the most common air conditioning repair issues that plague residential and commercial properties alike:

Refrigerant Leaks

Refrigerant leaks are harmful to the environment. Air conditioning units low on refrigerant are either leaking or were undercharged to begin with. Should the case be the former, it’s crucial to have a trained technician tend to it immediately, test it, and charge it with the correct amount of coolant. Note that you should never overcharge or undercharge with refrigerant.

Lack of Maintenance

It’s simple—a steady HVAC maintenance routine can prevent issues to your system from developing in the first place. It can also give you an early warning if there is an impending problem so you can take swift action. Make sure to include air filter checks and replacement procedures in your maintenance routine as dirty filters and coils can cause compressors and fans to prematurely fail.

Electronics Failure

Thermostats that feature sensors can sometimes get knocked out of position, which can result in erratic behavior. Make sure that the sensor located behind the control panel is placed near the evaporative coil but not touching it. You can adjust its position by carefully bending the wire that keeps it in place.

Drainage Issues

Property owners should always check if their outdoor condensate drain is draining properly. This is especially important when it is humid outside. Also, air conditioning units may not drain properly if they are improperly mounted.

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