common ac issues and solutions

Common AC Issues and Solutions

Nothing can be more frustrating than when your air conditioner doesn’t function properly – especially on a hot summer day. It can not only be an annoyance, but also a health issue for people who may not be able to tolerate higher temperatures. For those reasons, it’s important to quickly identify the problem and seek a solution. Here are a few of the most common AC issues and what can be done to fix them.

Refrigerant Leaks

If you notice a brightly colored stain near your AC unit, or feel like your AC is not cooling properly, you may have a refrigerant leak. Unfortunately, you can’t just add refrigerant to your system to fix this. Contact a professional technician to check for and repair any leaks, test the repair and to charge the system with the proper amount of refrigerant. Refrigerant leaks can severely damage your compressor, which can be costly, and also can be harmful to the environment, so schedule service as soon as you notice the problem.

Drainage Issues

A clogged AC condensate drain line is often the culprit for AC issues such as a musty smell, standing water/water damage near the indoor unit, or the AC not cooling your home, shutting off, or not turning on.  The drain line may become clogged with debris, algae or fungi, and then the water can either leak out into your home or back up into your AC To prevent clogging, pour a cup of bleach or vinegar down the condensate drain from the inside each spring – this will keep fungi from growing. If you see signs of a clogged line, turn off your AC and call a technician. For peace of mind, have the system maintained by a professional and make sure safety devices are in place to prevent water damage.

Frozen Evaporator Coil

Your AC could stop working due to a frozen evaporator coil, which  can be caused by low system airflow. If you notice a build up of ice on the evaporator coil, turn off the AC at the thermostat to minimize the damage, and turn on the “fan only” switch to help blow warm air over the coils to melt the ice. The low airflow could be caused by a clogged air filter, so check and replace your filter if needed. Make sure all of your grilles are opened and not blocked. Once your evaporator is thawed, you can try to restart the system. If the icing comes back or you continue to have problems, you may have an issue with your blower fan or refrigerant leak and should consult a professional.

Electric Control Failure

The electric components in the compressor and fan controls can wear out over time, and the corrosion of wires and terminals can keep your AC from starting –Electrical problems are best diagnosed and addressed by a professional.

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