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All About Carrier Cor Thermostats

The Carrier Cor Thermostat is a smart thermostat that allows you to remotely control and monitor the temperature of your home using the power of the internet. Using this modern technology, the comfort of your home is under your control no matter where you are. This is a thermostat that can adapt to the unique needs of your home, constantly updating itself and working toward improved comfort and energy efficiency. At Advent Air, we can professionally install this smart thermostat in your home and our technicians will show you how to use this great tool from your smartphone or PC.

A Smart Thermostat Offering Comfort and Convenience

The primary appeal to the Carrier Cor Thermostat, like other smart thermostats, is the ability to control the temperature and humidity of your home from any Wi-Fi-enabled device. You will have the ability to stay in complete control of your home’s temperature whether you are home or away on vacation. The touchscreen offers onscreen prompts and a built-in proximity sensor. Monthly reports are available providing interactive efficiency tips and information on how to save money by modifying your settings.

Using the app on your smartphone or laptop, you will be able to see as much clear information as you can on your home screen, and the temperature of your home will respond within minutes even when controlled from a remote location.

How a Smart Thermostat Can Lead to Smart Savings

Convenience is important, but so is cost. Using a smart thermostat, improved home comfort is combined with reduced energy usage. You are able to monitor the temperature in your home and control when heating or cooling turns on or off for optimal efficiency. The Carrier Cor Thermostat also has the ability to recognize and remove excess humidity. When you’re away from home, you can switch to vacation mode. This gives you the ability to conserve energy usage leading to improved efficiency, and with improved efficiency there are greater savings.

Upgrade Your Thermostat with Advent Air

The Carrier Cor Thermostat is designed to be compatible with just about any system type. It requires a common wire for power and should be installed by a professional technician. At Advent Air, we have the experts who can help you to upgrade your current thermostat to this smart system so you can experience convenient remote access and improved energy savings. Follow us for more up-to-date information on choosing the right thermostat for your home and for more heating and cooling tips.

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