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Air Filter Change: Important Home Maintenance

Home owners often pay attention to the big repairs and maintenance issues associated with their properties but can neglect the small things. An Air Filter Change on a HVAC system is one of those small, but very important, maintenance items.

Changing the air filter on a home furnace is simple, and most anyone can do it. A clean air filter boosts the efficiency of a furnace, lowering energy bills overall by 5 to 15 percent say industry experts. Also, clogged filters increase wear and tear on the HVAC unit with build-up of dirt and other debris damaging blowers and other important furnace components.

In addition, a clean filter improves air quality in the indoor environment. Think about it. Everything a family breathes inside the house passes through furnace or air conditioning. If those systems are dirty,and filtered by, well, clogged filters, air quality is contaminated by dust, pollen, pet hair and dander, mold spores and bacteria. None of these makes for healthy indoor air.

The solution is routine Air Filter Change. Each HVAC unit is different, but most manufacturers and HVAC service technicians recommend home owners switch out filters every 3 to 4 months. The part itself is inexpensive and can be purchased at any hardware or big box home store. Just refer to the size specifications on the filter already in the furnace, or refer to the owner’s manual. Arrows on the filter itself indicate how to place it so that air flows through it in the right direction.

Filter materials and types include:

~fiberglass (very inexpensive, but needs frequent changes)
~pleated (sturdy and provides great filtration because of the high surface area which catches dirt and dust)
~HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air)–a hard working filter good for trapping allergens such as pet dander)
~media air (This professional’s favorite is multi-layered and durable.)
~activated carbon (especially adept at catching and neutralizing heavy odors from smoking and cooking)

It’s important to ask a heating and cooling professional what type of filter is best for the home. Purchase the type which has the efficiency (filtering capability) most suited to your air quality needs. Contact us with any questions or needs you have regarding your HVAC system.

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