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Air Conditioning, Humidity, and Your Body

The weather can wreak havoc on our bodies, especially during extreme temperatures. Sometimes, the weather isn’t simply hot but humid as well. This means that the air is dense with water vapor, which makes everything seem heavy, sticky, and muggy. This just aggravates the body when your sweat can’t evaporate to cool you off.

High heat and humidity have several effects on the human body, which are detailed below.

The Body’s Coping Mechanism

The human body tries its best to regulate its inner temperature. Unless you’re sick, your body can be anywhere between 97 to 99 degrees, while a baby’s temperature can go as high as 100.4 degrees. When the body’s temperature increases too much, it starts to sweat. Sweat carries the body’s heat out of the skin and lets the water evaporate to cool the body off. When the air is too thick with water vapor, the sweat can’t leave the body and it heats up too much.

Humidity and Its Impact on Your Body

When humidity traps too much heat in the body and it can’t cool itself down, here are some things that can happen to you:

  • Dehydration. Combat this by drinking more fluids during humid days. Make sure that you drink replenishing liquids, not ones chock-full of sugar.

  • Fatigue. Your body gets too tired easily because it’s busy regulating its temperature. Air conditioning can help make you feel better.

  • Muscle Cramps. Make sure that you massage your cramping muscles and drink more water.

  • Heat Exhaustion. When you get dizzy, confused, and dehydrated, and your heart rate is elevated coupled with high blood pressure, these are classic symptoms of heat exhaustion. This is less severe than heat stroke.

  • Fainting. Extreme heat can make you lose consciousness.

  • Heat Stroke. When you’re severely dehydrated, your blood pressure is too low, and you’ve started to get delirious, you might be experiencing a heat stroke. This is a medical emergency and you should call 911 or go to an emergency room as soon as possible.

Better Air, Better Health With Advent Air Conditioning, Inc.

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