summer air conditioner prep

Is Your Air Conditioner Summer Ready?

North Texas residents understand the severity of the summer season. This means that routine HVAC maintenance is valued more than ever. Weathering the rigorous task of continually cooling a home throughout the long summer season requires an air conditioner to be in top form. Take the worry out of your home comfort this summer by taking these steps to ensure that your air conditioner is summer-ready.

Clean or replace your air filter

Air filters keep your system from taking on dirt and debris that can clog its components and hinder its performance. A dirty air filter will be less effective in filtering out this debris and force your system to work harder to achieve the necessary cooling results. This will not only raise your monthly energy bill, but more quickly deteriorate your air conditioner.

Reusable filters should be cleaned monthly. Disposable filters should be replaced monthly, or in some cases every three months. If you haven’t cleaned or replaced your filter in a while, spring and throughout the summer months is definitely the time to do it.

Clear away dirt and debris

Similarly to the effect of a dirty filter, a dirty unit can greatly impact system performance. Even the simple buildup of dust can clog coils and create expensive repairs. Keep your system clean will ensure its optimum performance.

Have your unit more thoroughly cleaned and inspected

Routine maintenance is no hoax. A system as large and intricate as your home’s HVAC system will inevitably encounter performance issues. Having your system inspected and serviced bi-annually by an HVAC expert enables your system to receive the necessary cleaning it needs to perform efficiently and effectively. It also ensures that minor, or underlying issues do not become major malfunctions.

Choosing regular maintenance for your air conditioner gives your system maximum life expectancy, the highest level of energy efficiency and gives you peace of mind.

Test your unit

Once you feel as though your air conditioner is sufficient clear of dust and other factors that can impact its performance, switch it on. If you haven’t had an HVAC contractor out to your home to test your unit, this can be a great way to self-identify any major issues with your air conditioner.

If the system kicks right on, watch and listen to its performance. Does it sound louder than you remember? Are there any scratching or grinding noises coming from the unit? Can you see an shaking or leaking? Does the system turn on and off appropriately? And, most importantly, does it sufficiently cool your home?

Ask yourself these questions to test if your air conditioner is ready for summer.

Consider upgrade opportunities

Been battling poor indoor air quality? Looking to maximize your system’s performance? Small upgrades can be made without having to replace your entire system. Things like smart thermostats and UV lamps can make profound differences on your system’s efficiency and effectiveness, without breaking the bank. Before you kick your unit on for the long summer ahead, speak with your local Lewisville HVAC specialist to find out which upgrades work best for your home.

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