6 Signs That Your Capacitor Needs to Be Replaced. technician working on equipment

6 Signs That Your Capacitor Needs to Be Replaced

It’s safe to say that most people look forward to the warm weather and sunshine that summer brings. It’s also safe to say there are times when summer’s scorching heat can have us seeking the cool confines of an indoor oasis – powered by our AC systems. That’s why when your AC’s small, cylindrical part that transmits energy to your AC system starts acting up, it can turn your oasis and your summer – into a sweat-soaked nightmare. We’re talking about your AC capacitor, folks. But how do you know if your capacitor is bad? To help you keep your cool (literally), we’ve got the 6 signs to watch out for to figure out if you need a new capacitor for your AC system.

1. Age is not just a number

Not in this case anyway. If your system is over 10 years old, normal wear and tear may have done a number on your capacitor and it might need to be replaced.

2. On again, off again

If you’re noticing your system frequently switching on and off or just running constantly, your capacitor could be bad.

3. Electric bill keeps climbing

Most of us know what our electric bill averages in the hottest months of summer. If you’re noticing a constant increase that keeps climbing, your system is working way too hard and your capacitor could be going bad.

4. Thermostat is set at 72

But you can never get the temperature below 78. When you can’t seem to get the temperature to a comfortable level, your capacitor may need replacing.

5. Blowing warm air

If your filter is new and your AC just isn’t blowing cool air, it’s a safe bet the capacitor is bad.

6. Won’t turn on or takes longer than normal

If it’s taking what feels like forever to kick on or just plain won’t turn on, your capacitor may have reached the end of the road.

There are some ways you can test your unit to confirm the capacitor is bad, but the truth is, it’s probably wise to consult a professional. After all, you don’t want to damage any other element of your system. If you suspect your AC system needs a new capacitor, contact the professionals at Advent Air. We’ll turn your indoor oasis back into the place you can escape the scorching heat of summer. Contact us now to learn more or to schedule a service today.