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5 Common Home Heating Myths

Winter is coming and when the cold weather settles down, heating costs have nowhere to go but up. Although there is never a lack of advice, there are still some very persistent home heating myths that do not help at all, or may even do more harm than good to your wallet. To help you avoid mistakes and keep your costs down, here are some of the most popular home heating myths you need to know:


Fireplaces Make Excellent Heaters.

A fireplace offers ambient warmth and a pretty backdrop but that’s about it. It can only heat up a limited area in a large room and you need to spend on firewood. The fire also feeds off the oxygen from the heated air indoors (that you paid for) and releases it through the chimney. A fireplace is only a good option if you intend to heat a closed room.


Programmable Thermostats Can Save Money.

Programmable thermostats have to be programmed correctly to heat the house at the right time. Otherwise, it will keep using up and wasting energy. Set the thermostat at a higher temperature when you are at home and schedule a lower temperature when you are asleep or away.


Cranking Up the Thermostat Will Heat Up the House Faster.

The only thing you will achieve from cranking up the thermostat is getting a higher energy bill. Not only will you waste money, you will also waste energy. Best keep the thermostat at the usual temperature and wait for the heating system to do its work.


Keep the House at an Even Temperature to Save Money.

As long as the heating system is running, it will consume energy. A better option would be to set the thermostat at a higher temperature upon waking and set it at a lower temperature when sleeping or away. Setting the thermostat 1 degree for 8 hours will translate to a savings of as much as 1% every year on heating bills. If the thermostat drops by 10 degrees, that translates to as much as 10% savings.


Energy-Efficient Windows Save Money.

The problem with energy-efficient windows is that they are so expensive that you probably need to wait several years or even decades to enjoy your return on investment. If you must prioritize repairs and replacements, consider insulation, air sealing and improvements in system efficiency first. If you must replace windows, however, changing to energy-efficient ones is a good bet to maximize the heat efficiency of your home.

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