Best HVAC Accessories TX

Best HVAC Accessories for Texas Homeowners

Don’t mess with Texas…weather. From our no-nonsense spring, summer, and fall heat to our below freezing winters, Fort Worth locals rely on their HVAC system year-round to provide reliable home comfort. This makes it essential to have a dependable air conditioner and furnace, but it also makes it important for homeowners to consider further products that can assist in overall HVAC system performance and home comfort.

Below, we’ll take you through some of the HVAC products that can help improve comfort levels in your Dallas-Fort Worth home. Then, you’ll have a better idea of which products might be right for your needs.

Wi-Fi Thermostats

HVAC tech is rapidly advancing to help boost system performance and make the lives of homeowners easier. For Lewisville locals, the Wi-Fi thermostat is the perfect example of an HVAC accessory that encourages energy efficiency and complete control of system performance. By connecting your thermostat to your phone through Wi-Fi, you can have complete control of your air conditioner or heater from anywhere with the push of a button.

Carrier also provides intuitive thermostats that can take the effort of making decisions about your HVAC system completely out of your hands. With predictive and sensor technology, smart thermostats have the ability to forecast the weather to adjust system settings and recognize when the home is occupied or vacant to switch between energy efficiency and home comfort settings.

Whether you’re staying late at work, under the Friday night lights, or spending the weekend in Port A., your smart thermostat has your back. Never worry about what setting you left your thermostat at again with new intuitive technology from Carrier.


The heart of the Southwest, Texas is placed firmly within the warm and dry climate of southern U.S.A., while also being proximal to the gulf coast. The result can lead to drastic atmospheric shifts between high and low humidity levels. Since you don’t know what to expect throughout the year, having both a humidifier and dehumidifier readily accessible will greatly improve your home comfort.

Humidity has the intolerable effect of making warm days warmer and cool days colder. This can place homeowners at a constant state of discomfort, despite the thermostat settings and the efforts of an HVAC system. Trying to dial down the thermostat will only do so much and increase your energy bill in the process. It’s best to rely on a portable or whole-home dehumidifier to create a more balanced and comfortable atmosphere within your home.

High humidity levels can also impact the integrity of your home and damage your property. It can seep into the wood and cause it to rot and make metals rust. Controlling humidity levels does more than just keep you physically comfortable, but financially comfortable as well.

A dry atmosphere can also be uncomfortable for Dallas locals. From chapped lips and cracked skin to soar and dry throats, air devoid of humidity is equally unideal.

Air Purifiers

Due to the confined space and heavy activity of homes, the indoor air quality within a home is often worse than outdoor air quality. This becomes even more accurate when you increase the number of occupants and pets.

Beyond just filtering the air within your home, Carrier air purifiers have the ability to capture and kill harmful airborne pathogens. From viruses and bacteria to mold and allergens, Carrier’s Infinity air purifiers trap up to 95% of airborne particles and utilize an electric charge to eliminate them. Running at a frequency of up to 8 times per hour, mold spores are given no chance to inhabit your home.


Assisting in your air purifiers efforts to help replenish your home with new, fresh air could be a home ventilator. The more stagnant indoor air gets, the more likely dust, debris, germs, and other airborne contaminants are allowed to linger and pollute your indoor air quality. For residents with immune deficiencies or respiratory conditions, poor indoor air quality can wreak havoc on their health and wellbeing.

While Dallas’s air quality is improving, it still ranks among the worst in the nation. That fact along with the consistent heat that North Texans face limits the ability to just open windows and doors to promote sufficient airflow. A ventilator is a perfect solution to stale air for Texans. By filtering the air, ventilators won’t compromise indoor air quality.

UV Lamps

For the complete package of indoor air quality products from Carrier, UV lamps can provide the final line of defense against mold, bacteria, and allergens. While UV lamps killing off these airborne contaminants will improve indoor air quality, the main focus of UV lamps is to protect your HVAC system from collecting mold spores and bacteria. The lamp is located near the indoor coil and drain pan, where mold and bacteria are most likely to collect. By killing off these harmful pathogens before they can even become airborne, UV lamps can greatly improve IAQ for your Fort Worth home.


At Advent Air Conditioning, Inc., we have a number of Carrier HVAC accessories that can enable you to take complete control of your home comfort from HVAC efficiency to indoor air quality. Speak with one of our friendly and knowledgeable HVAC experts to see which accessories can help improve your home’s HVAC system by calling (469) 240-5456 today!


Carrier Infinity HVAC System

Carrier Infinity HVAC System: What You Need to Know Before You Buy

Your HVAC system will likely be one of the largest purchases you make as a home or business owner. As a mechanism that runs daily 9+ months out of the year, a lot of demand is placed on air conditioners to deserve this price tag. For both of these reasons — HVAC systems being high dollar and vitally important to maintaining a comfortable home or workspace — it’s crucial to put the time into researching and understanding how to make the best possible purchase.

If you are considering the purchase of a Carrier Infinity HVAC system, you’re probably in the researching stages right now. We’d like to help you better understand how this system can benefit you and what it means when you choose a top-of-the-line Carrier HVAC system like the Infinity Series.

Carrier: High Quality HVAC Products

Anytime you’re making a large purchase, the first place you look isn’t the product itself, but rather, the manufacturer. You want to know that the manufacturer of this major home comfort system has integrity and a history of success.

Carrier has been the industry leader since its founder, Willis Carrier, invented the modern air conditioner in 1902. Upholding this industry-leading status requires a legitimate dedication to providing quality products and researching innovative technology. For this reason, you know that when you’re getting a Carrier system, it’s a quality piece of equipment that will provide comfort for you and your family for years to come.

What is the Carrier Infinity System?

The Carrier Infinity HVAC system is Carrier’s top tier HVAC system, designed for individuals and families that make home comfort a priority. While Carrier does provide home comfort systems and indoor air quality products built for every preference and budget, the Infinity Series units provide ultimate comfort, quiet, and efficiency with performance that’s peerless.

The Infinity Series units include air conditioners, gas furnaces, heat pumps, smart thermostat controls, air purifiers, and packaged systems. Though this is Carrier’s most expensive line of products, the Infinity series products help you stay comfortable year-round while significantly cutting energy costs by boosting efficiency over time.

The greatest benefit of the Carrier Infinity Series of HVAC products is that these products put you in control of your home comfort. With zoning, you can independently manage home comfort levels in 8 different zones within your home. The smart thermostat makes temperature and humidity control easy – even when you’re not home. Either through the Internet or right from your smart phone, you can adjust temperatures and other aspects of home comfort any time, anywhere.

Carrier Infinity System: Get to Know the Features

Carrier prides itself on always being at the cutting-edge in HVAC technology. As Carrier’s most advanced line of home comfort products, the Infinity Series has a number of innovative features, including:

  • Up to 21 SEER rating
  • Energy Star Qualified
  • Running sound as low as 58 decibels
  • Intuitive humidity and temperature control
  • Variable-speed compressor for elite home comfort and quiet performance
  • Advanced filter drying system for protection against contaminants and moisture
  • Defrost heating feature with Infinity control
  • WeatherArmor Ultra protection against the elements
  • Compatibility with Infinity Controller for instant feedback and analysis as well as anytime system control

Ready to upgrade to the top-tier Carrier HVAC system? Work with one of our friendly and knowledgeable Lewisville HVAC technicians to find the Carrier Infinity HVAC system that is right for your home. Call: (469) 240-5456

Save Money HVAC

How to Save Money on HVAC (Without Sacrificing Home Comfort)

Saving money on your utility expenses is great, but not if it comes at the expense of your family’s comfort. No one wants to live in a home that feels oppressively hot, even if you end up saving some money on your monthly bills. The key is to strike a balance between saving money and keeping your home comfortable in the summer months when the natural factors that contribute to your home feeling hot are at their most severe.

While you may not be able to stop using your HVAC unit completely, you can minimize your use by keeping the thermostat on a higher temperature and using some simple tricks and strategies to keep the home cool during the hottest parts of the day.

Simple Ways to Save Money on Cooling Without Sacrificing Home Comfort

There are several ways simple ways to encourage home comfort while keeping utility costs low, including:

1. Use your appliances less to keep them from generating heat that spreads through the house.

Try grilling or using an Instant Pot instead of using your oven. Getting creative and serving cool dishes, like salad, gazpacho, and sushi for dinner can help keep your family fed and happy without creating a heat wave in the house. Even running appliances you may not associate with heat generation, like your dishwasher, generates some heat. Try to limit your use of unnecessary appliances to every other day or run the dishes early in the morning before the home gets hot.

2. Invest in curtains that help to block out the sun.

This keeps the heat from the sun’s rays from penetrating through the windows and into your home, where it heats the air in your living space. Keep them closed during the times when the sun is at its hottest, which is typically between noon and 2 PM.

3. Use fans in your living space instead of running the air conditioner.

Running the air conditioner cools the whole home, which is unnecessary if you’re only going to be in one or two rooms in the living space. Instead, keep the thermostat at a higher temperature and use a fan to keep the space where you are cool. This consumes less electricity than cooling the entire home and helps to cut your daily usage.

4. Minimize the amount of time the family spends inside during the hottest parts of the day.

Run errands and schedule appointments during the hottest times of the day, when businesses will have their AC units running on high. Or if you prefer to be outside, hit the beach, pool or splash pad to take advantage of a natural way to stay cool.

5. Remove humidity from the indoor air.

In many cases, the presence of moisture in the air contributes to the hot, stuffy feeling inside the home on a hot day. Filtering out the humidity can make the inside of the home feel much cooler. You can purchase a dehumidifier for use in the home at any local home improvement store and use it anytime the house starts to feel too hot.

Save Money on Heating and Cooling Costs

Want to save money on your HVAC costs? The experts at Advent Air can help keep your heating and cooling system maintained and working at peak efficiency to help you save more on your monthly air conditioning and heating costs. If you need help with your HVAC unit, give us a call today: (469) 240-5456

Fall HVAC Repair

3 Signs Your HVAC System Needs Repair Before Fall

Though fall tends to be milder when it comes to temperature, there are still days when homeowners are going to need their HVAC system to stay comfortable. Not to mention, fall is the perfect season to look for issues with your heating and cooling equipment so that you can get the system fixed before you really need to use it in winter. Below, we’ll tell you exactly what you need to look for before calling a professional HVAC technician.

Common Signs Your HVAC System Needs Repair

If you notice that your heating or cooling system isn’t working as well as it used to, you may need a repair. Here are a few of the most common signs that you need an HVAC repair before fall:

  1. You notice cool and hot spots throughout your home.

An HVAC system that working properly should be keeping every area of your home comfortable. If you walk around your home and start to notice that certain rooms or spots in your home aren’t the right temperatures, then your HVAC system may be experiencing serious issues.

Though you may be tempted to just adjust your thermostat to balance out the temperature throughout your home, this is only a temporary fix. Not to mention, it’s a fix that may end up costing you even more in increased energy costs. Issues with uneven cooling or heating could be a number of issues, and the best way to find out is to call a trained HVAC technician.

  1. Your energy bills are increasing.

Issues with your HVAC system will not only cause problems with performance but also efficiency. If you notice that your energy bills are increasing but you haven’t made significant changes to your heating and cooling patterns, then this could be a sign that your system needs repairs.

Depending on the age and condition of your heating and cooling system, you may even need to consider a replacement. HVAC systems generally last about 10 years, depending on the quality of the equipment. The only way to know for sure whether it’s a simple repair or needs total replacement is to call a certified HVAC technician to inspect the unit.

  1. Strange noises or smells are coming from your HVAC system.

Though your HVAC unit will make some noise as it operates, it’s important to pay attention to the kinds of noises it makes. A general engine sound during operation is normal, but a loud clanking or grinding noise may be a sign that something is very wrong. A trained HVAC professional will be able to determine where the noise is coming from and what parts may need repair.

Similarly, a working HVAC system should not be emitting strange smells. If you smell something moldy coming from your heating and cooling equipment, this might be a sign of poor air quality or a water leak. While a burning smell or the smell of gas can indicate other types of serious issues with your heating and cooling equipment. At the first sign of strange smells, call in the experts.

Think your HVAC system needs repair? Advent Air Conditioning, Inc. is only a phone call away. Contact us today to schedule a repair visit just in time for fall.