5 Pinterest Accounts to Follow for Spring Cleaning Inspiration

There’s no denying how useful the internet is for so many things, but did you know that it can also help with spring cleaning? That’s right! Pinterest is a great place for spring cleaning inspiration, tips, tricks, and organization ideas. Below, we’ve compiled a list of the top 5 Pinterest accounts that homeowners should be following for spring cleaning inspiration.

Top Pinterest Boards for Spring Cleaning Inspiration

Be sure to bookmark the Pinterest boards below. The next time you’re browsing the web, you may even feel inspired to put down your laptop and start cleaning!


Real Simple’s Cleaning Tips and Tricks Pinterest board is a great source for anything and everything cleaning related. The biggest benefit of following this board is that Real Simple’s pins are linked directly to original articles for homeowners, so your sources of inspiration will never run dry. You’ll find articles like “The Definitive Guide to Cleaning All of Your Summer Items,” “10 Genius Cleaning Hacks,” as well as creative infographics with expert tips and tricks.


Apartment therapy’s Storage Solutions board will appeal to your practical side as well as your artistic sensibilities. Featuring articles such as “How to Cope with a Lack of Kitchen Storage,” “13 Space Hogging Items You Can Get Rid of Now,” and “13 Ways to Rethink the Foot of Your Bed,” you’ll be motivated to reconsider your home’s space. Beautifully curated, these tricks and tips on home organization will get you inspired to put everything you own in its proper place. Bookmark this board if you’re looking for creative home storage ideas that go beyond the basic bin.


This family has got it all figured out when it comes to hoarding a wealth of great DIY cleaning and organizing tips. Not only is the board beautifully curated, but there are some really clever ideas that can jumpstart your spring cleaning and potentially change your cleaning habits. For great DIY tips and tricks, check out Remodelaholic’s Pinterest board: Cleaning and Organizing.


Ginny from Organizing Home Life has blessed us all with a fabulous collection of home organizing boards that will inspire you to declutter and clean, clean, clean! Bonus, she has an entire board dedicated solely to printable organizing lists! With pantry inventory lists, home management printables, and chore charts, this board is a handy go-to for all your home organization list-making needs.


Last, but certainly not least is the cleaning and organizing guru herself, Martha Stewart. As you would expect, Martha Stewart’s Cleaning Pinterest board makes cleaning and organizing your home effortless and chic. And, the best part about Martha Stewart’s cleaning board is that it truly runs the gamut on home cleaning with savvy tips, fun crafts, and DIY projects that would make just about anyone giddy about home keeping. Did we mention that every single photo on this board is gorgeous? This only further fuels our desire to get cleaning!

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Best Air Purifier for Allergies: An Introduction to Carrier Indoor Air Quality Products

Did you know that indoor air, due to airborne particles and poor ventilation, can be up to ten times more polluted than outdoor air? If your household is like many in the United States, you may have one or more allergy sufferers living in your home. Whether you or your loved ones face seasonal or pet allergies, maintaining good indoor air quality is incredibly important.

The good news is that we can help! Advent Air Conditioning offers a great selection of indoor air solutions, including three different series of Carrier brand air purifiers, which can improve the quality of your indoor air above and beyond keeping your home and HVAC air filter clean.

By using an air purifier in your home, you can eliminate common contaminates, such as germs, mold, airborne vapors and chemicals, harmful compounds, and even airborne viruses. There is a suitable air purifier for every home, and we can help you determine the best one for you and your family’s needs.

Infinity Series Air Purifier

This is the very best unit you can get if you’re looking to prevent allergy attacks and get your indoor air as clean as possible. It offers standard filtration as well as germicidal air purification.

The award-winning Infinity Series Air Purifiers is an incredibly powerful, yet virtually silent, option that harmonizes with your current HVAC system, enabling your indoor air to be cleaner and healthier.

With a patented “Capture and Kills” technology, the system can trap and destroy up to 95% of pathogens. It works great for allergies because it is effective against pollen and animal dander, as well as smoke. Also, independent testing has verified that the Infinity series is effective at destroying 13 common pathogens as well as indoor fungus.  

Performance Series Air Purifier

The Performance air purifier is also a great way to improve indoor air quality for allergy sufferers as it is proven effective against viruses and other pathogens. It also works in conjunction with your home’s current HVAC system. While the Infinity series can eliminate up to 95% of pathogens, the Performance series air purifiers can destroy up to 75% of organisms, which is still a great improvement for your indoor air quality.

The Performance Series Air Purifier is also a smaller-sized air purifier (under 8 inches wide), so it works perfectly for smaller homes or in tight spaces. This air purifier is a great choice for those who need better flexibility for homeowners as far as installation of the unit.

Comfort Series Air Purifier

Carrier also offers a lower cost option that is suitable as a whole home air filtration system. It utilizes a high efficiency air filter to remove up to 65% of airborne pollutants, and its unique filter design encourages air to continuously flow throughout your home while purifying your air.

The Comfort Series Air Purifier is effective at reducing the number of allergens within your home’s air, whether you have pet dander or seasonal pollen that you’re trying to combat. This may be the best option for homeowners that are looking for an affordable air purifier that will help improve indoor air quality in their homes.

Advent Air Conditioning specializes in home comfort. Whether we’re helping you and your family maintain the ideal temperature or finding ways to improve your indoor air quality. If you have any questions about our indoor air quality products and how they can help improve the quality of your air, give us a call today: 469-240-5456.