How to Positively Impact Our Planet: A Look at Your Carbon Footprint

It seems that individuals and companies across the nation are looking for ways to go green and make a positive impact on the planet. Though this may seem daunting at first, it doesn’t have to be. There are many simple and realistic ways that individuals and families can help reduce their carbon footprint while also saving money.

What Contributes to Your Carbon Footprint?

Your carbon footprint depends a lot on your location. Texas has more carbon dioxide emissions than any other state in the country. However, the state is taking measures to improve this by using alternative energy sources and increasing energy efficiency. Individuals and households contribute to these emissions directly through energy usage, transportation, and waste produced. Purchasing decisions (local vs. long-distance) and diet preferences (meat vs. vegetables) can also have an indirect impact on your carbon footprint when factoring in fuel, land usage, and additional waste created.


Are you curious about your carbon footprint? The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has a free carbon footprint calculator that you can use to estimate your household’s carbon footprint. This calculator asks you questions about your home energy usage, transportation, and waste to determine how your household’s greenhouse emissions. Once you use the calculator to determine your footprint, you can then try implementing some of the tips below to reduce your carbon footprint.


Simple Ways to Decrease Your Carbon Footprint

Many people think that going green has to be difficult and expensive. The truth is that there are actually a variety of easy ways that you can reduce your carbon footprint while also saving money. Here are just a few that you can try today:

  • Use a programmable thermostat. This helps you regulate your home’s temperature even when you are gone, helping you save energy when no one is home.
  • Wash your clothes in cold water. When possible, avoid using hot water to wash your clothes to save energy.
  • Use the power management features on your computer. Adjust your computer’s power settings to use less energy. Many models allow you to use “power save mode.” When you are not using your computer, turn it off or set it to sleep mode.
  • Take shorter showers. Cutting your average shower down by just a few minutes can help you save gallons of water, not to mention spend less on utilities.
  • Perform regular maintenance on your vehicle. This ensures that it is running efficiently and getting the best gas mileage possible.
  • Reduce the miles you drive. Try to reduce the number of miles that you drive each day by carpooling, using ride share, or taking public transportation.
  • If you are not already, make sure that you are recycling aluminum and steel cans, plastic, glass, newspapers, magazines, etc.


Reducing your carbon footprint not only helps you positively impact the planet, but it can ultimately save you and your family money. We’d love to help you reduce your carbon footprint by making sure that your HVAC system is running efficiently. Call us today for a tune-up.

Why Fall is Just Better in Texas

As fall approaches, it’s time to start enjoying some of the best that Texas has to offer. Though we may be a little biased, we think that fall is just better in Texas. Whether you’re new to the area or you’ve been settled here for years, here is a list of fun fall activities that you can enjoy with your family in the Lewisville and Dallas areas.

Things to Do in Fall in Texas

Enjoy all the State Fair of Texas has to offer.

The State Fair of Texas in Dallas is one of the biggest events in North Texas, offering a fun for the whole family. Each day is filled with live music, daily shows, interactive activities, carnival rides, games, and other forms of entertainment. The fair also offers tasty fried foods, creative arts, livestock exhibitors, and Big Tex Urban Farms.

Fall is time for football.

Are you ready for some football? Fall is football season, and in Texas, we are serious about the game. You can catch the Dallas Cowboys play the Chicago Bears on Sunday, September 25 just after the first official day of fall. Also, you don’t want to miss the big college rivalry game when the Texas Longhorns take on the Oklahoma Sooners at the Cotton Bowl stadium on October 8.

Get outdoors and enjoy the fresh air.

While the heat may have kept you cooped up inside for most of the summer, once fall is here, you can finally enjoy some cooler outdoor temperatures and crisp Texas weather. Fall is the perfect time to take the family for a picnic, spend some quality time at one of the area’s parks, or hit one of Dallas’ top hiking spots to see the beauty of Texas in fall time.

See the spooky side of Lewisville.

Fall also means that it’s time for some Halloween fun, and there are plenty of outdoor Halloween activities that you can enjoy in Lewisville and beyond. Take a ghost tour or visit a local haunted house for some silly and spooky fun. Check the Lewisville calendar of events for more fun, family-friendly local events for Halloween coming up in fall.

Tis the season for pumpkins (and apple picking).

Fall is better in Texas because there is no shortage of fun, family-friendly fall activities to do at the pumpkin patch like seeing different animals at the petting zoo, going for a hay ride, or finding your way around a corn maze. Fall is also the best time for apple picking. Mid-September through Mid-October is the best time of the year for picking apples with the family at a nearby orchard.

Hit the road to see some of your favorite bands.

If you are willing to make the drive down to Austin, Austin City Limits is a great fall activity for music lovers in Texas. The 2016 music festival takes place September 30 – October 2 and October 7 – 9 with a range of music acts including Radiohead, Mumford and Sons, Kendrick Lamar, and Willie Nelson.

Need help preparing your HVAC system for fall? Give us a call today.