What You Need To Know About Energy Efficiency Audits

The U.S. Energy Star Program states that more than half of the energy you use in your home goes into heating and cooling. The energy efficiency of your heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC) system decides your monthly energy bills and how your home or business impacts the environment. Professional home energy audits from an authorized professional company such as Advent Air Conditioning, Inc. are the best way to assess your systems efficiency, but you can conduct your own simple audit to pinpoint problem areas.

What You Need To Know About Energy Efficiency Audits

Do-It-Yourself Energy Efficiency Audit

A fast and easy way to detect inefficient air conditioning areas in your home is to do a walkthrough. DIY energy audits arent as thorough as professional ones, but they can get you started with a checklist of areas where you need efficiency upgrades. Begin by locating air leaks in your home or business. Air leaks are massive energy wasters. The air you pay for escapes outdoors, and the uncomfortable outside air invades your space. Instead of wasting money and energy pumping air outside, perform a leak test.

Look for air leaks that enable you to see light from outside, such as gaps in your baseboards and doorjambs. Check the outside of the building for cracks or gaps where materials meet. Then, review your windows, doors, and skylights for drafts as well as your electrical outlets and light switches. Do this by shutting all windows, doors, and fireplace flues. Turn off all appliances, such as gas burning furnaces, and turn on exhaust fans that blow air outside.

Next, light an incense stick and walk through your home or business, wafting the smoke near places with possible air leaks. Watch the smoke carefully: if you have a leak, the smoke will waver or swirl away. Once you know where some of your energy efficiency issues lie, you can contact a licensed HVAC technician to come to your home or business and solve the problem.

Professional Audits And Energy Efficiency Solutions

A professional energy efficiency A/C system audit means a trained technician will visit your home or business and conduct a full check. The technician will delve far beyond rudimentary draft detection, using calibrated blower door tests and thermographic scans to ensure accurate energy readings. Then, the technician will give you expert advice about how to solve your energy deficiencies, such as sealing air leaks, checking insulation, and repairing or replacing heating and cooling equipment.

Advent Air Conditioning, Inc. has performed thorough energy efficient audits for the citizens of the Greater Dallas and Ft. Worth, TX areas since 1981. We’ve stayed on the cutting edge of energy efficient furnaces and air conditioners, and we train our team to detect even the slightest air leaks with special methods. Well give you friendly, no-pressure advice as to how to keep your home energy efficient far into the future and complete any services you need on the spot. Call us today for your energy efficiency audit, or visit us online.

Is Your A/C System Using Dangerous Counterfeit R-22?

Is Your A/C System Using Dangerous Counterfeit R-22?

Using the wrong coolant in an older air conditioning system can start a fire in your home or business due to a combination of hydrocarbons that make refrigerants highly flammable. The wrong coolant doesn’t always mean an honest mistake—it could mean an untrustworthy heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC) company taking advantage of customers.

If you have an older A/C system, a dishonest company may try to sell you illegally imported R-22 substitutes. The genuine refrigerant is more difficult and expensive to come by, but it’s vitally important to the health and safety of your system. That’s why Advent Air Conditioning, Inc. only uses brand-name coolants approved by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and tailored to match your exact HVAC system.

The Dangers Of Inauthentic Coolant

We trust HVAC companies to order authentic R-22 coolant for our systems, creating a window of opportunity for scams. Reputable companies in Dallas and Ft. Worth don’t use illegal imports. Instead, they only use EPA-approved refrigerants that don’t pose a hazard to customers. Counterfeit R-22 has been known to cause major material damage and even death. Systems can explode when introduced to inauthentic R-22 due to the volatile nature of R-40 (a refrigerant that’s no longer EPA approved).

R-40 is flammable under certain conditions and can lead to explosions from the chemical reaction between methyl chloride vapor, air, and heat. Many illegal versions of R-22are really a mix of R-22, R-30, R-40, and R-142b. If exposed to aluminum, R-40 forms self-igniting and explosive gases when they touch air. Counterfeit R-22 presents substantial financial and safety risks. The only way to prevent falling for these scams is to properly vet your HVAC technician before hiring.

How To Protect Yourself From Counterfeit R-22

Being a victim of counterfeit R-22 is a frightening thought, especially when you think you can trust your A/C technician. Before you panic about the type of coolant in your older HVAC system, know there are still trustworthy and reliable local air conditioning repair companies. Advent Air Conditioning, Inc. has served Lewisville, Texas, and its surrounding areas for over 35 years and can help you prevent counterfeit R-22 scams.

Our team only uses EPA-approved R-22 with name-brand labels you can read for yourself. We carry Section 608 certification from the EPA, meaning our company can safely and efficiently work on an R-22 HVAC system. We understand which product names are genuine and which are counterfeit, such as “R-22a,” which is not for use in residential air conditioners.

For the safety of your system, home, family, and/or business, take great care in choosing your HVAC technician for an R-22 system. Advent Air Conditioning Inc. is passionate about providing only top-quality products and services to every customer. Contact us today using our easy and convenient online form, and a friendly team member will get back to you to set up an appointment for air conditioning coolant services.

Variable Speed AC

Is Variable Speed Air Conditioning Right for Me?

The Basics Of Variable Speed Technology

Conventional motors in an air handler (the part of your air-conditioning system that moves air through the ducts in your home) are only capable of running at full speed. Even if the motor doesn’t need to run that hard to cool your home, it will. This means that it is always using the maximum amount of energy to function.

Variable speed motors are a recent innovation in air conditioners. As the name suggests, these motors are capable of running at a variety of speeds and not just at the highest setting. This allows them to run using far less energy than the old-style motors.

The Basic Benefit Of Variable Speed Motors

Of course, the biggest benefit of variable speed motors is their increased energy efficiency. Running a fan motor at full speed requires eight times as much energy as running it at half speed. Unlike a conventional motor, a variable speed motor can take advantage of the lower energy cost of running at slower speeds. A fan running at half speed uses the same energy in eight hours as the same fan running at full speed for one hour.

When the homeowner only wants the house to be a few degrees cooler, a variable speed motor will run at less than full speed. This allows it to keep the home comfortable with less energy expenditure. If a major change in temperature is required, then and only then will the fan use the energy necessary to run at its highest speed.

Another upgrade that makes variable speed motor air conditioners more efficient is an upgrade to the circuitry. In older systems with conventional motors, the fan and the evaporator coil will shut down at the same time, even though the coil is still cold. A new air conditioning system will shut down the evaporator coil first, but keep the fan running for a while longer to get the maximum amount of cool air from the energy used to cool the coil.

Other Benefits Of Variable Speed Motors

Aside from being more energy efficient, variable speed motors have a few other benefits over conventional motors. Variable speed motors offer increased comfort and fewer distractions than older motors offer. Unlike the other motors, variable speed motors start slowly and pick up speed, making it very quiet and almost unnoticeable. These new systems also gradually build up to blowing air of the desired temperature, rather than suddenly starting to blow hot or cold air.

Variable speed motors can drastically increase a home’s air quality. One of the most critical factors to ensuring healthy air quality is keeping air moving to keep it from becoming stagnant. Conventional speed motors use up a lot of energy as long as the fan is running, so they cannot practically be left on continuously. However, variable speed motors can be set to the “Fan On” setting and will run at a low speed with extremely little energy used. This keeps the air circulating and raises air quality considerably.

The only downside to variable speed motors is that they cost a little more than traditional motors cost. However, their more-efficient use of energy means they will pay for themselves in short order. If you would like to learn more about this innovation in air conditioning, please contact Advent Air Conditioning Inc. today.

air purifiers

How do Air Purifiers Work?

Improve Your Home’s Air Quality For Better Health

Most people are aware that air quality can have a significant impact on personal health, but what many may not know is that the air inside a home is typically more harmful than air from outside. Every year, Americans spend millions on home air purifiers, but how these devices work and their beneficial impact can be difficult to determine. Some air purification systems can actually cause more harm than good.

Indoor Air Contaminants

The air inside a home carries far more contaminants than outdoor air. Indoor air collects moisture, pet hairs, and dander that can circulate through the home’s heating and cooling ducts, and outdoor allergens and other particles can blow in through open doors and windows, and get trapped inside. Smoking indoors directly spreads toxic smoke throughout the home.

Moisture is a major area of homeowner concern, as excessive moisture can encourage the growth of dangerous molds. Mold spores can be highly toxic if aspirated, so your home’s air quality and moisture levels definitely play a role in your overall health. Moisture, mold spores, tobacco smoke, allergens, pollen, and pet dander can be trapped in carpets, furniture, and linens, creating even more health hazards.

How Air Purifiers Function

Most home filtration systems clean the air circulating through the heating and cooling ducts. Filters are usually cotton, fiberglass, foam, or other synthetic fibers. The density of the filter’s fibers dictates how well the filter performs: Dense filters have very small gaps, meaning they can catch some of the smallest contaminant particles.

These filtration systems require diligent maintenance. While some filters can be cleaned and reused, most need to be replaced after a time. Filters also reduce the overall efficiency of the home’s heating and cooling systems, and they inhibit airflow even more if they aren’t replaced regularly.

Some people invest in standalone units that filter the air; you can move them from room to room, anywhere in the house. However, some of these are more harmful than helpful; air ionizers can circulate ions back into the air and stain furniture and other surfaces. Unless the air purifier is HEPA (high efficiency particulate air) certified, it isn’t worth the investment and may cause more problems than it solves.

Tips For Healthier Indoor Air

Before you commit to an air filtration system, there are a few things you may be able to change around your home to get the most return on your investment. First, clean your home thoroughly, especially areas that are dusty, rarely used, or collect moisture. Smoking should take place outside. Not only does this improve air quality inside the home, but smoking indoors is a fire hazard.

If you have pets, make hygiene a part of your routine to help eliminate pet dander and hair. Vacuum your carpets often and try to circulate fresh air through your home. Open a few windows to allow fresh outdoor air inside and blow out some of the stagnant indoor air. Once you’ve done these things, it’s time to consider an efficient air filtration system installed and serviced by professionals.

Advent Air is the highest-rated heating and cooling company in Lewisville since 1981. We provide residential and commercial air conditioning, heating, and air quality services, as well as preventive maintenance to ensure your system operates efficiently and doesn’t cost you more money than it should. Visit us online to read about some of our success stories and happy clients and reach out to us for professional assistance in making your home’s air healthier.