Great Moments in the History of Air Conditioning

Great Moments in the History of Air Conditioning

Think about how terrible it would be if we had to return to using ice and a fan to stay cool. Thankfully we have this amazing invention called an air conditioner. When was the last time you had your AC serviced? We recommend you have your AC looked at a certified tech at least once a year, if your in need of a service, please give us a call today.

Great Moments in the History of Air Conditioning Stats

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Facts and Statistics About Pollution and Indoor Air Quality

So you have a home, that you spent the extra money to make sure the cool or hot air stays in or out. Now your home insulantion keep your home comfortable all year long right? Its also keeping in all the allergens inside, call us today and we’ll make sure your home has good indoor air quality.Advent Air -- Infographic MAIN -- IAQ -- 07-15-16

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Air Conditioner Summer Usage: Affordably Staying Cool

The summer time can be pretty hard on your air conditioning unit if. It has to work pretty hard sometimes and your bills can add up rather quickly. There’s a few things you can to do keep your home cool and save money on your summer time cooling costs.

Regular Maintenance [H2]

First thing to do if you haven’t already is call and have some seasonal service or maintenance done. Regularly scheduled maintenance will keep your air conditioning unit operating at the same efficiency rating as when you bought it. Without service it’s very easy for the unit to lose up to 5% efficiency every year. Which is pretty staggering. That high efficiency unit you just purchased a few years ago can be functioning as well as a budget model with only moderate efficiency ratings.

Program Your Thermostat [H2]

During the summer you’re going to want to operate your air conditioner in the best way possible for the season. What that means is programming your thermostat, or setting the temperature before you leave for work, so that the temperature is higher when no one is home. And when you are home, try and keep it above 78*, which is where it will operate most efficiently. Instead of cranking the temperature down, make sure to use your ceiling fans. That will help keep your house cool and you feeling cool, with a slightly higher temperature setting.

Make sure that you keep any heat sources away from the thermostat, too. So that table lamp, or direct sunlight, are things that you want to keep away from it if you can. They will skew the temperature readings and having your air conditioner running more than it needs to.

Filters [H2]

You will also want to make sure to replace your filters on schedule according to what the manufacturer recommends. A dirty filter can greatly hamper the efficiency of your air conditioning unit, and if it gets bad enough, actually make it malfunction.

Staying Cool [H2]

The outside components of your AC system want to be cool, too. So if you have a split system, try and keep the condenser coil in the shade. That will help keep the metal components at lower temperatures which will have it operating much more efficiently.

With just a few steps you can extend the life of your AC system, stay cool, and keep your bills low. For more tips on saving money and preventative maintenance, make sure to follow the Advent Air Conditioning blog and don’t hesitate to give us a call for service today!